Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Go With The Rite

movie reviews with syigim yet again. been long, huh.

this time it’s totally different movie genres : one is a romcom (romantic comedy) starring adam sandler and jennifer aniston about finally realizing that the one we really love had been standing in front of us the whole time. and another one is a horror flick ala ‘exorcist’; about a junior priest sceptic about the devil and exorcism, learning from a senior priest played by the magnificent anthony hopkins.


* * *




boy lies to hot girl. boy ask plain girl to help lie to hot girl. plain girl has make-over. plain girl turned into hotter girl. all of them conveniently go on a holiday together. stuff happens. funny stuff. (which includes nicole kidman!) boy realizes his feelings for plain girl-turn-hotter girl.

jennifer aniston looked like age is fast catching up already (oops! which explains the bikini scene, my guess is to justify the hey-i-may-be-older-but-i-still-rock-it!) anyways i still love you, rachel karen green! as always, cute as a button, funny in her lovely charm. yes, i’m a fan!

i have only one bone to pick – i am absolute annoyed by the daughter character. she’s taking the cute factor way over the line  to the point that it becomes obnoxious. like adam sandler’s character said to her, “shut up already!!!”

…and i didn’t know that nicole kidman was in this! she’s so absolutely funny! i think her only comedic performance that i know was ‘moulin rouge’, and even that was just quirky comedy-turned-tragedy kinda movie.

‘just go with it’ is a simple comedy, lovely to be enjoyed while cozying up with your other half. the storyline is non-complicated, the jokes are funny and the predictable end is fine because that’s what viewers want!


* * *



‘the rite’ is fantastically scary, thanks to the incredible presence of anthony hopkins. he steals every scene he’s in. well, sometimes you almost expect him to say, “hellllllo clarice,” when he does the suspiciously familiar ‘maniacal-smile-and-stare look’ – but, he’s still wonderfully creepy.

a young priest, sent to learn from an otai priest. senior priest is so cool in chasing out the devil that after a good ‘fight’ to exorcised the evil spirit, he simply said, “okay. that’s it.” meanwhile, young, hot priest is sceptical about exorcism, saying it’s all psychological. cue the eerie soundtrack.

sure kena punya lah priest muda tu! was what i said. but – the twist sets you to a pretty scary ride. a good watch, right after the classic ‘exorcist’, and ‘emily rose’. definitely another movie to watch even if it’s just to hug your other half under a tiny blanket while half-hiding behind his muscular arms. haha.


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Cik Lily Putih said...

nasib baik u komen coz kite belom tgk lagi lah.. ni tgk sibuk cari dvd tau kat pasar malam

amirah said...

adam sandler...suka suka..

nELi. said...

i had a good laugh watching it a little earlier :)

Syigim said...

>> cik lily, haha...giat lagi ye penjualan dvd kat pasa malam! haha. :P

>> amirah, adam sandler ni makin tua br lawak sikit. masa muda2 dulu xminat sgt dia

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