Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dubai Ambulance is Harley Davidson

this is the first time that i saw ‘ambulance’ in a form of a motorcycle – and not just any motorcycle, but a huge superbike. which brand? only the best for these life-savers in dubai – they roll around in harley davidsons!




i’m guessing these bikes are used instead of the van-like ambulance, for minor injuries, or for accidents that doesn’t involved taking any persons to a hospital. tak boleh imagine la pulak tengah cedera tu, mangsa kemalangan tu boleh pulak larat bonceng belakang motor tu!

there are a couple of compartments attached on each side of the bike, as well as at the back, for storing medical supplies.

the emergency number 999 is clearly seen on every side of the bike. NINE NINE NINE, folks. keep that in mind. you never know when danger strikes. malang tak berbau.




working with the ambulans team has never been this cool! imagine riding around town in these awesome shining harleys, and getting paid for it? not only that, you get to save lives, and help people. that’s double bonus if you ask me.

the ambulans crew in dubai sure ride in style!

*credit picture : mr rizal harley. thanks bro.


Yuslinda said...

Yahooooo....welcome back syigim......muahhhhhhh...

amirah said...

aah la, lama kak syigim x update new entries..mesti laju gila merempit kalau guna harley ni..huhu..kat malaysia guna motor ape mcm superbike jugakla..taktau lak jenis apa..

Syigim said...

>> yayyyyy kak linda!!!! sila wave kan pompoms sekaran!! hihi

>> yes amirah, ade problem sikit with net connection kat rumah ni. finally ok dah :)

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