Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do You Tumblr?

its tagline is, “the easiest way to blog”.

like i told my husband (who is too lazy to write long-winded sentences like i do!), tumblr is perfect for him :

  • he has tons of travel pictures.
  • he wants to write only a few sentences to describe a picture.
  • sometimes, all he has are just thoughts inspired by that picture, or what it reminds him of.
  • he definitely prefers microblogging!

i have a tumblr account, and soon i’ll create one for him, just about what he sees on his travels. i’ve had this account since 2-3 years ago but recently i decided to tumblr actively after seeing the gorgeous pictures on my sister’s tumblr, favoritewaffle. they’re really good!

my tumblr is titled, “For My Sons”, created just for my 3 boys; khaleef, kahfi and kazim. it has my kata-kata hikmah for them, it has little stories of me, mr. khairul and the boys; and it has food pictures – with more coming up!


my tumblr

essentially tumblr IS the same as blogging, but it’s condensed. you can follow each others’ tumblr (just like in blogs) and you can share ANYTHING (just like in blog) from quotes, to pictures and videos.

however, the one unique thing about tumblr is the ‘reblog’ button.

when you visit an interesting tumblr, and you see a picture you like, or some tips or short story – you can immediately press ‘reblog’, and that picture will automatically appear in YOUR OWN tumblr, with full credit and back link to the original owner.

and of course it works both ways. some random stranger visits YOUR tumblr. if they like your picture, they can freely press ‘reblog’ and you can proudly see YOUR picture on someone else’s tumblr, with full credit to you. and you will be notified in your dashboard.

best kan! it’s a nice feeling when you know that someone out there like what you put up, and sudi nak letakkan kat tumblr dia. hihi.

click here to visit my tumblr!


lina said...

syigim - bagus you mmg kreatif la syigim. kak lina suka la

transformed housewife said...

this is something new for me. I shall check it out later.

Affieza said...

Already visit...nice one...hehe

Anonymous said...

tahun lepas sy pernah buka akaun tumblr, tp lepas tu delete pulak. skrg rasa mcm nk buka balik ^____^

Syigim said...

>> kak lina, thanks :) continue visiting my blog ye :)

>> kak nur, tumblr is a big thing jgk. cuma i still prefer blogging sbb bole potpet2 lagi byk. :)

Syigim said...

>> affieza, thanks for visiting :)

>> eis, apsal pulak delete tumblr tu. sayang je :) bukak blk pun bole, with a different theme ;)

jgn lupa kasi add tumblr! hihi

FN said...

me also have tumblr, sgt blur ok pasal tu -.- my bro and sis yg suke sgt, diorang yg ajar.. huhu.. kakak yg ketinggalan *sigh* eh and I visited ur tumblr, nice one!

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

tak ade lg account tumblr.. always heard about it from others tp tak tercreate lg.. blog yg ada skrg pon bersawang je.. hehe..

Syigim said...

>> fara, sama la sini. my 2 younger sisters yg start ber-tumblr ni, now br start nk active blk :)

>> zulaikha, my preferance is still blogging :) sbb bole pokpet2 lebih sket hihihi...

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