Friday, April 29, 2011

Got Money? Splash Your Cash on These!

i wonder who is selfish enough to buy these extravagant items! they do nothing more but boost the i’m-so-rich-i-can-buy-a-gold-toilet-bowl-if-i-want-to attitude. a mere display of wealthy arrogance. what i’m about to say (or rather, write) here is so cliche, but here goes – the money spent to buy these items can be put to better use…


* * *



would you pay RM636,381 for this iPad?

this is the iPad supreme, a solid gold, diamond-encrusted iPad. only 10 are available around the world.

  • the apple logo is encrusted with 53 individual sparkling diamonds.
  • the rear and screen surround are made from a single piece of solid 22ct gold
  • it weighs 2,100 grams.

(source : here.)

i mean, owning an iPad alone is a status-symbol, and shows how ‘in’ you are in the tech-geek world. so i wonder what statement you want to emphasis when you decide to buy a GOLD one!

supposedly here in dubai, GOLD-plated iPads were on display at jumeirah, and six are already sold. ntah pak arab mane la yang beli tu. how much? a whopping 20,000 dirham each! (around RM16,000). wow. i wonder how many kampit beras you can buy with RM16,000…

sheesh. i can’t even afford the regular RM1,500 iPad…


* * *


if you think that gold iPad thing is so extravagant, this next item is beyond extravagance. it’s an act of stupidity to go and buy one.

ruwa : a non-alcoholic drink sold in a diamond-studed bottle. on sale for 20 million dirham. about RM16 million. for a drink. right.



the bottle is enveloped with 8,000 diamonds, 200 rubies, and 2 bars of white gold, with a rose-flavored drink inside dubbed as ‘the first luxury halal drink in the market.’

brought to you by a ‘the beverage company’ of UK SPECIFICALLY targeting the filthy rich of the UAE. the reason? since liquor is banned in this islamic state, BUT people might still want to hooha hooha and drink, why not bring them this ultra-eye-poppingly expensive non-alcoholic booze?

some reports go so far as to say that, “..since drinking is a social experience, a company in UK formulated the ruwa as a non-alcoholic drink.” hello? so they’re saying that drinking beer, champagne or wine is the right way to socialize, tapi, sebab pak arab tak boleh minum arak semua tu, jadi kalo nak berlakon macam konon-konon minum brandy ke wine ke, boleh la guna botol ni.

eh, kat malaysia nak socialize bole minum teh tarik je ramai-ramai kat mamak! kalau dalam drama melayu lagi lah – minum fresh oren je.

and oh, my – that UK company is sooooo considerate to have a CHEAPER version of the drink and bottle for orang kebanyakan – on sale for ONLY 3 million dirham. wow, now everyone can afford this stupid drink!

and also, sooooo nice of them to provide FREE REFILS! awesome! that SURELY makes the 20 million worth spending, huh?



amirah said...

hehe..same la kak syigim..ipad yg biasa pun tak terbeli sebab kalau beli pun taktau la fungsi dia untuk the drink kalau ada org beli mmng obvious giloss...

Syigim said...

amirah, same la kita ;) ketinggalan la psl tech2 ni hihi. yeap. drink tu mcm nmpak sgt nk menipu pak2 arab ni! :P

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