Thursday, November 4, 2010

My BFF Niraku in Dubai!

we’ve been best of friends since we were 12.

together, we used to drool over fox mulder and wil wheaton. we sang guys next door’s ‘i’ve been waiting for you’ and jeremy jordan’s ‘the right kind of love’ out loud while waiting for the public bus at school. she’ll ride her bike over to my house some afternoons, and i’ll drop by her place on the way to the pasar malam which is right opposite her house.

oh, to be kids and teens again!

well, that same comot ‘kid’ i knew is now doing phd in london, and she was here for cuti-cuti dubai with her two other londoner gal pals; saira and helna.



me holding kazim, niraku, saira & helna


lovely helna is a london-born indian, currently working. saira, the london-born pakistani is – wait for it – doing her phd in chemistry. doctorate. in chemistry?! gile. and she’s not thick-spectacled, ultra-geeky bore to the core chemist freak (ok, i know i’m stereotyping – but who wouldn’t! hihi) anyway, she’s just so cool, and the sweetest little thing!

and she keeps taking the boys’ pictures! hihi.

the one thing that i really love about them was their accent! oh, so british! how i LOVE brit accent! ok, before korang ingat aku berlagak ke ape ke, i’m not one of those malays who must accent-ize their english when they speak ok. in fact, i really admire tun mahathir’s english. dia tak payah beria dengan accent brit or american, tapi very fluent and articulate. that’s what i like.

it’s just that i LOVE the sound of the queen’s english! the quippy, fast little inflections in their voices, almost melodic, especially at the end of a sentence – simply wonderful!

* * *

after lunch at my place (i cooked nasi ayam for them – and it’s really great to see foreigners enjoying our local food hihi) we walked to ‘the walk’ jbr (jumeirah beach residence) just opposite my building.

the plan?



it’s a hot day, so we got ourselves scoops of ice-cream, at my boys’ favorite walking distance gelato haunt – the cone street at the walk. check out our first time there in this post.





the boys were super excited. thanks aunty nira for the ice-cream treat! and i also like to thank the girls for running after the ‘escaped’ kahfi who zoomed away in a matter of seconds!




sigh. i miss her already.

i mean, i LOVE the company – helna and saira with their infectious brit accent hihi – but i couldn’t help but wishing i could have niraku all to myself and we can have giggly and touchy-feely girl-talk all night long.

but hey, either way, it was just wonderful to have ’girls’ in the house for a change!

* * *

niraku, kamu dah datang dubai 3 kali dah. tunggu kami gi london pulak! love you!


Silent Scribbler said...

Bestnye Niraku datang Dubai! She must have had fun, and you must have been happy to see her! :-) Best kan bila ada tetamu melawat... it makes you miss home a little less.

Syigim said...

aisha, mmg best sgt! she was here for about 4-5 days but i only saw her once, sbb bz bwk her friends jln2 dubai hihi....

now, when will i have the honor of your presence? hihi

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