Monday, November 8, 2010

Alam Budiman House : Rented!

some has been asking – so, found a tenant already?

(sila baca dengan nada sedih) it’s been more than a week actually. our dream house with red bricks and spacious rooms in alam budiman is finally rented out to this really lucky family from perak! i put up an informal advert in my blog few weeks ago. click here.

sigh. to think that we had so much planned for this house.

goodbye yellow kitchen. farewell master bedroom with window seat. tata my dream reading corner under the stairs. so long red bricks!




as of 30/10/2010, we officially signed the tenancy agreement with encik rosdi and puan kathy from perak. mr. khairul had met them personally on his brief trip back to malaysia.

mixed feelings!

letting go of a brand NEW virgin house (dream house with red bricks, i repeat – red bricks!) to be rented, but at the same time glad that our monthly house payment to the bank will be significantly reduced!

to encik rosdi and family, happy building memories at our home, enjoy the neighbourhood and jaga rumah kitorang baik-baik ye!

isk isk. sob sob. pass me the tissue, please?


Pala Maldini said...

kalau dah interview dan 'research' tenant betul2 insyaAllah ok. Agreement in place kan ? btw, you should sign for 1+1 year tenancy only. so that, kalau ada prob.. at least after a year you could notice them out.. kalau ok, every year boleh renew :-)

welcome to the "Tuan Rumah Jutawan" world (istilah daripada buku Azizi Ali)

strawberi said...

dh dpt penyewa eh..sayangnya kan

Syigim said...

>> pala maldini, insyaAllah ok. mmg interview betui2 :) ye la, psl 1+1 tenancy tu good idea! hopefully we dont need that! ;)

>> strawberi, tu la. harap2 penyewa yg bertanggunjawab jaga rumah kitorang ni :) sayang, tapi this is the best plan skang :) uhuk uhuk

Anonymous said...

Aslmkm Syigim.
Yeah I know dats not an easy decision. We were there! :(
I hope both of U dont have to go thru d next phase of our experience.
All d best in d tenancy my dear.

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