Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tamil Movie Stars : Mohana & Ramesh

no, not really – but they sure look like one! hihi.

the picture below was one of the many pre-wedding shots they took. what a beautiful couple, eh? ramesh tu memang sebijik macam hero citer tamil, hihi while my friend mohana is just so lovely!

naturally, they wore few different sets of clothing for these pre-wedding photography; from wedding gown to evening dresses, and of course, traditional as well.

in fact, the pink saree she wore in this picture is courtesy of yours truly!



yes, i bought the kain in dubai, as a wedding present. it was pink, with silver glittery flower motif. when she said she’s gonna make a saree to wear for the pre-wedding shots, i felt honored – because these pictures are for keeps for years to come, to show her grandkids! and she was willing to wear the saree that i gave her!

and my, she looks so sweet and gorgeous in that saree! hihi.



well, i know it’s very late already – they got married like 2 weeks ago, but better late than never!

so here i am, sending my little congratulations to my ex-colleague mohana who (finally!) married her long-time sweetheart ramesh in a lavish indian wedding steeped in tradition. well, i wasn’t there, but the pictures sure showed how festive the wedding was.

to me, mohana is a really chatty person, and can be very straightforward most of the time (read : laser! haha) – but she has a huge heart, always ready listen, warm you with her kind words and be there for you. you have to know her, to know that she loves her friends and would do her best to help when in need.

i miss all our morning roti canai breakfast just chit-chatting, having good laughs!



i love this shot, mohana. so tired and lepak after the elaborate wedding ceremony – yet still look so beautiful!

ok – now it’s time for you guys to make lots of ramesh juniors and little letchumys, yah! congratulations, and may happiness always be with you!


Anonymous said...

Gim...i m so touched..
Love u alwiz......muahhhh....
Thk q for giving me some space in ur it so much....

I am said...

Niceeee write up.... u should include the traditional ceremonies too...fuh! Pengsan u tengok. So amazed at how she survived those. I couldn't make it to her wedding. Ok..ok..I know what u r going to say but....I was not well that day. Sorryyy mak. Hmm....anyway, I'm very curious of ur profile info...Again? Really? (^.~)Y

Pala Maldini said...

sama padan, sama cantik..

kalau bride tu pakai selendang macam Rajnikahn (sivaji the boss) tentu lebih hebat.. hehehe

Syigim said...

>> mohana, yes it's especially for you dear. send my love to ramesh also hahhahahaaha... :P

>> dora, so sayang that u missed it!!! i knowwwww...i wish mohana finds the time to write captions on all her photos so that i know what's goin on in each picts.

what's so curious about my profile? which part? xpaham la... :P

Syigim said...

haha pala maldini - rajnikahn? mohana, if you're reading this, please do so and take some picts! hihi

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