Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Megamind for Mega Bday Boy

before watching the movie, i didn’t know brad pitt lent his voice as metro man. and i didn’t know that ben stiller had a hand in the making of this animated feature. we had a lovely surprise when we saw the end credit!

also, i didn’t know that there’s a twist in the end for the bad guy, the good guy and the nerd-turned hero-turned villain! freaking genius, man! well, you’d expect no less than the creators of ‘shrek’! always had a knack for wacky, funny, original stories to animate!

nways, all i knew was that there’s a new animated feature playing, and it’s funny, and it’s got superheroes. perfect ingredient for a birthday boy to just chill out and enjoy.


we went to ibn battuta mall for the movie, and mind you – this was only the 3rd time we watched a movie in dubai.

  1. the first ever was ‘madagascar’ in 2008 (when i just arrived in dubai)
  2. the second was ‘cloudy with a chance of meatball’ in 2009
  3. the third was this one, ‘megamind’ in 2010
  4. (oh, earlier this year we did watch ‘avatar’ on 3D but that doesn’t count because it was just the 2 of us on our anniversary, and mr. khairul’s family was here in dubai & babysat the boys)

see, setahun sekali je tengok wayang! why?

  • the tickets are overpriced – 30 dirham per person, or 48 dirham for a 3D show. that’s 144 dirham for my whole family (this is before kahfi hits 2 years old – now he goes in for free). and this is EXCLUDING popcorn sets, which would take it up 30 dirham more or so.
  • we’re a family yang rather spend more on makan-makan best rather than sitting in front of a big screen!
  • also, when you have 3 kiddos under the age of 5, it kinda narrrows down the movie choices! must be a movie fit for kids, but also enjoyable for moms and doesn’t drive the dads dead-bored! now, looking at mr. khairul’s taste in cinema, the movie-for-kids and doesn’t-bore-dad combo movies are pretty rare!
  • it just felt more peaceful watching movies on dvd in the comfort of our home!


the kiddos are excited waiting for bapak to get the tickets. then created havoc inside the cinema running around while we bought popcorns – nearly crashing into huge standing advertising boards!


next one, we watched sammy’s adventures ya? we caught the trailer while waiting for ‘megamind’ to be on, and the 3D image is fantastic. seemed more real, more out there – really, an animated snake practically jumped out of the screen and slithered his way right to my face!


kazim was sitting on my lap. he was on his best behaviour – the only time he made noise was when he went goo-goo gaga over the 3D glasses that i was wearing. well, giggly, cooing noises are always better than a loud, bawling baby!

kahfi refused to wear the 3D glasses at first. rimas kot. however, when the movie started, mr. khairul just forced it onto him, and once he saw what the glasses are for, he immediately sat up straight, very still while looking at the screen, mesmerized. probably amazed at how ‘alive’ and ‘popped out’ everything is! ha, tau pun!

khaleef – well, the birthday boy had a good laugh all the way. armed with a huge tub of popcorn and icy coke, he’s all fine by himself.

me? it was just nice to sit back, hold hands and curl up beside my very own metro man. macam masa dating-dating dulu!


this coloring book was given complimentary which each movie ticket. khaleef was so excited, he carried it everywhere.

well – part I of khaleef’s birthday celebration is done. special makan-makan, next?

* * *

if you want cute-sy animated movie, go for ‘sammy’s adventure’ because ‘megamind’ is one bad-ass of a movie! with most of the jokes made for adults, it’s memang ‘blue, bad and brilliant!’ when even the villain is loveable, you know you got an interesting story there.

you got kids, you got time? – go watch it! 3D tak 3D pun jalan!

MUSIC : mr. khairul likes the cool soundtrack – awesome rock numbers from yesteryears! of course, the only song i recognize is the last one, michael jackson’s ‘bad’. haha. but i must say, the hardcore rock sound goes well with the movie. probably because of megamind’s black-leather-spiky-lightning-symbol thingy of his costume!

LEADING LADY : and, excuuuuse me – but what’s with the very well-endowed leading lady? yes, yes – mr. khairul was drooling away, “this movie should’ve been called roxanne richi!” last time even pocahontas was heavily criticised for having a leading character be drawn to be so sexy, curvy and busty. hmm, even princess fiona wasn’t this sexy!

ENDING : i almost thought that ‘megamind’ would fall into cliched ending where the retired superhero returned after being coaxed to do so, at a pressing time of need. but nope – in the true art of unpredictability and unexpected endings, the ‘megamind’ creators managed to pull off an endearing ending, and yes, unexpected! bravo! (no spoilers here, ok!)

oh, by the way, anybody else notice the avatar-blue-inspired megamind’s skin? cerulian blue is the new in-color, then! well, enjoy the clip! hillarious!


transformed housewife said...

sounds like a good movie. but this month we can't afford to go out watching a movie. huhu

Wan Anie said...

macam best jer megamind ni.. nak juga bawa anak2 tengok movie cuma kena cari yg betul2 sesuai, takut anak2 bosan...

3 K ni nampak seronok..... ok lah tu

amirah said...

i read in papers, megamind ni dh 2 weeks still ranks # 1..bestnya kalo dpt tgk..

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, we ALWAYS cant afford to out for movies!!! hihi...but we made an exception for khaleef's bday hihi :)

>> wan anie, ade yg ckp, some lawak2 megamind ni budak2 mungkin xpaham. tapi mmg lawak & khaleef terhibur je :)

>> amirah, gi tgk! best sgt! :)

arin said...

last week nak bawak bebudak, tapi tak terbawak dek work commitment. tis weekend harap2 ada lagi di wayang di melaka.

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