Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dinner With MCOBA President in Dubai

it was an exciting day for the malay college boy who has never really left school.

the president of his alumni association was in town! tan sri megat najmuddin from the class of 62 has been president of the MCOBA (malay college old boys association) since september 2006.

he’s in dubai for a short while, so as usual, mr. khairul organized a get-together – calling on any available old boys from mckk around uae (united arab emirates).



from left : kamil v96, rashdan v89, ikmal v80, mr. president tan sri mac v62, zaim v82, wan hasni v81, kay v96, shon v84, shamsul v86, suhaimi v00 


what better place to treat tan sri najmuddin in dubai than a wholesome middle east dinner at the biggest mall in the world, with the view of the world’s tallest building, while enjoying the awesome aqua performance of the tallest shooting fountain in the world?

only these superlatives treatment fit to welcome the eminent guest!

they dined at ‘wafi gourmet’ in dubai mall – beautiful restaurant, delicious food, awesome view. we’ve been here once, when mr. khairul’s family was in dubai. click here to read the post, and more on wafi gourmet.


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it was a night to remember for these old boys, when their alumni president dropped by. some travelled all the way from other uae states; ras al-khaymah and abu dhabi – all in the spirit of koleq brotherhood.

it was a personal joy for mr. khairul as organizer for this gathering, hoping that tan sri megat will come by dubai again – this time for nasi mandi at tawasol!

(picture credit : bro faisal shon from his facebook)


* * *


yes, he STILL wears the school tie if it’s a wednesday, even now…


a few school traditions survive:

  • the wearing of one of two forms of the school tie every wednesday by the old boys.
  • the annual gathering lasting around three days at the school itself - referred to as old boys weekend (OBW).
  • an annual formal dinner for old boys, usually held in a ballroom in kuala lumpur.

in dubai, the old boys here made an effort to hang out and have their own little OBW. check out the mini gatherings in 2009, and 2010.

* * *

sultan azlan shah & raja nazrin doning the school tie (picture taken from mckk9296 site)


yes, apart from the dashing sultan azlan shah (sultan of perak my home state oh yeah!) the malay college has certainly mould many notable alumni which include :

  • dato' onn jaafar, the father of malay nationalism
  • former prime minister tun abdul razak hussein
  • the former deputy prime minister dato' seri anwar ibrahim
  • hishammuddin hussein
  • effendi norwawi (mr. tiara jacq)
  • nazri aziz
  • shahrir samad
  • halim saad (mr. khairul’s idol – once named by TIME mag among 100 upcoming young leaders)
  • hishamuddin rais (dari jemapoh ke manchester)
  • rehman rashid (theater)
  • ramli ngah talib (former perak menteri besar)
  • the sultans of pahang and perak
  • pak sako or ishak haji muhammad
  • mahadzir lokman
  • suhaimi sulaiman
  • hani mohsein
  • ahmad fauzee

…and many, many more…


malay college old boys in parliament wearing the school tie (picture taken from mckk facebook page)



  • my abah haji sharifuddin shoib
  • khairul anwar of dubai hihi
  • khaleef?
  • kahfi?
  • kazim?

oh no! means more mckk ties lying around and more compulsory mckk sampin on hari raya? hihi.


Anonymous said...

great write up, well, not suprising.

next one try mcobachickas gathering.

~your other half,v96

Pala Maldini said...

kalau smeua gi mckk.. jimat sikit, tak payah beli tie dan samping baru.. just past over from top to bottom..

Liz Rohaizat said...

kak syigim, in case akak tak baca my reply psl pasata tu. tak la pedas pun. jgn lupa note saya di bawah resipi. kalau nak pedas, tambah red-pepper flakes tu byk sikit.

Syigim said...

my other half, you owe me one for this posting! ;)

Syigim said...

>> pala maldini, betul la mmg jimat beli satu kongsi 3 org! masalahnya bila dtg hari raya 3-3 nak kena pakai sampin mckk camne pulak! hihi

>> liz, thanks for replyin so promptly :) kalo nk lagi pedas potong2 cili padi je lah! hihi....

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