Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BF Moms @ Melaka : Jom Join!

are you a breastfeeding mom, or a mom-to-be? have you stopped breastfeeding but have a lot of bf tips to share? or even dads who want to offer support in their wives’ breastfeeding journey? do you live in melaka, or happen to be in melaka this sunday?

then come join the ‘support group get together’ for breastfeeding mothers in melaka!

my dear friend kak arin is part of this collective effort by a few moms who want to impart knowledge, share experience and answer any questions regarding breastfeeding. from mom to mom, this get-together will provide the best platform to voice out your concerns about breastfeeding, or any problems you have encountered.

you can just sit in and listen if you want, while making a few new friends along the way!



Mom To Mom
Support Group Get Together ( Melaka )
Date : 14th November 2010 - Sunday
Time : 4pm - 5pm
Venue : Lot 156 , Jalan Bukit Beruang, Bukit Beruang Heights, Melaka
Topic : 24 Hours Time Management For Breastfeeding Mothers


* * *

i myself had a somewhat rollercoaster journey in breastfeeding. with khaleef, i stopped when he’s just 3 months old – i was ignorant, and wasn’t well-equipped with breastfeeding knowledge – tips to extend, how to still keep bf while working, and so on.

with kahfi, i managed to breastfeed him up to his 6th month, but somehow to my frustration, my milk content depleted – and then i discovered i was pregnant with kazim!

alhamdulillah, i am STILL breastfeeding little kazim busuk. hihi. he’s now 7 months. it’s a wonderful experience, more than words can describe. to be part of his growth, by extending a part of myself is such a powerful gift from Allah.

cuma now it’s funny because since he’s 7mths and banyak akal, he can now just pull up my shirt for some boob time! with khaleef and kahfi of course i never get to experience this!

well, after 3 kids, i still have a LOT to learn about breastfeeding. sometimes kalau nak cepat, position breastfeeding pun tak betul sangat!

anyway, kak arin is giving a talk at the get-together in melaka, and i hope i can learn a thing or two from her if we meet in malaysia next year! haha. good luck, kak arin, and for all you mak, mama, ibu, umi, mummy, amma out there – and bapak, abah, baba, papa, daddy too! – come join the group okay!

have fun!


amirah said...

hopefully, i can attend.bukan senang nak dpt camni selalu

Syigim said...

amirah, go go! kak arin tu best. klako orgnye. xde la bf forum yg boring or berjela2. ni sure fun. bole kenal kenalan & share bf stories :)

arin said...

syigim : tq darl. hopefully ramai yang akan attend. and yes parents, it is FREE!!!

Wawa said...

thanks syigim. kalau ada kawan2 yasng boleh repost pun cun jugak.

it's more like community service, and it's totally free.

of course we welcome free foods.


btw, it's wawa here.


Syigim said...

>> anytime, kak arin. for a good cause :)

>> hi wawa :) *lambai2* good luck in your effort!

Wawa said...

hi hi syigim.

waving back.


u dok dubai kan? ehehe, boleh la kita kirim abaya dubai? retail price. ehehe. sini mahal berdentum.

anyway, selamat berkenalan.

lina said...

best nyer....

Syigim said...

>> hi wawa :) slamat berkenal2an hihi.

abaya mmg my husband beli selambak for his sister everytime balik msia. so my sis in law yg jual. bole contact dia hihi. but now stock dah habis rasenye. tunggu nxt yr kitorang balik ade stock baru k? :)

>> kak lina, mcm every state should create this support group kan? :)

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