Friday, November 12, 2010

Let’s Go to School With Khaleef

khaleef has been in school for the few weeks. so far so good!

alhamdulillah he has no trouble getting up in the morning, by 6am, his eyes are wide open already! he can bathe himself, wear his uniform and sit quietly for his breakfast. but sometimes he still wears the wrong side of the shoe! left pegi right, right pegi left.

“mak, is this correct?” aiyak!





kahfi very seldom follows us down, because as soon as the school bus comes to pick up his abang long, he will CRY!

so every morning, while his bapak distract him, we’ll just creep out quietly, and go down without him!

kazim always wakes up as soon as his abang long wakes up. luckily he’s a VERY morning person – giggling and playing by himself on the mattress. only once i didn’t take him down with me because he’s still asleep.




looks like summer is slowly giving way to winter so it gets chilly some mornings. other jackets or sweaters are not allowed in school, so we bought khaleef the school jacket. we also bought him long pants, to wear when the days are really cold soon!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         sila beratur sebelum naik bas! hihi. sahil, bardiya & khaleef ~ tiga sekawan


along with khaleef are two other boys – same school bus, same school, different class. one is sahil, from delhi, india. he’s in the same level as khaleef. another boy, the one wearing the school jacket is bardiya, an iranian boy. he’s slightly older.

all of them came down early before the bus comes so that they can play catch! hihi. kahfi pun join if he came down.


* * *



last week, we went for the ‘settling-in parents consultation’ day at khaleef’s school. it’s on a ‘first come first serve’ basis so we had to write our name in a list, and wait for our turn.

there were blue paper tulips pasted on the transparent wall of the classroom, with pictures of khaleef’s classmates. from the faces, i can see that there are 3 possible malaysian kid – well, at least to me, they LOOK malaysian! hihi. my guess was there were 2 other malay kids, and one chinese girl. i was kinda excited hihi.

when we met with the teacher, she said there are in fact, 2 other malaysian kids, one of them is sakinah, and another one i forgot his/her name! (so parents of sakinah, if you’re reading this, do drop a hi ho hey there in this blog ya!)

oh, what did the teacher say about khaleef?

apart from the usual ‘he’s adapting fast’, ‘playful but easy to settle him down’, ‘speaking up’ – the teacher added that occasionally, khaleef would just suddenly lie down on the carpet!

ntahape la khaleef ni!

* * *

here’s hoping that khaleef continues his enthusiasm for school, eager to complete his homework, gets up early without a fuss and have safe journeys on the school bus!


Pala Maldini said...

"Khaleef, keep up the good spirit!"

Syigim said...

hey thanks uncle pala maldini! ;)

transformed housewife said...

hehhehe. why does he like to lie down on the carpet?

adzsha said...

hehehe Khaleef tired ke?
dari cara u cerita, he sounds matured n well behaved for his age :)

lina said...

wah bagus nyer khaleef suke bangun pagi...

Anonymous said...

hi.. Can i know which school Khaleef is currently studying? how bout the fees? i am from malaysian too..

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