Friday, January 24, 2014

Potluck Picnic @ Mushrif Park With Biker Buddies

winter in dubai is the best time of the year to pack your barbeque equipment, food and drinks, take your rolled up mat and head on to the nearest park. it’s picnic time!

last few weeks we had a delicious barbeque potluck with mr. khairul’s biker buddies and family at mushrif park. did you see a bunch of tough guys wearing black vest munchin bbq chicken in the field? that’s us!




we’ve been to mushrif park only once before in our 6 years here in dubai, because the park is the furthest from our home. also, the last time we went, we had the barbeque at the sandy area, where there are a lot of thorns. the boys left with so many stuck to their slippers!

(click here to read about our ‘thorny’ tasty experience in mushrif park last year.)




did you know that mushrif park is also a large protected park with indigenous ‘GHAF’ trees?

the ghaf tree has long been embedded in UAE culture and tradition, and now feared to be endangered. efforts have been taken to preserve the trees – especially in mushrif park. sheikh zayed, the founder of UAE even passed a law forbidding the cutting of ghaf trees.

the ghaf tree; also known as the ‘umbrella tree’, or ‘the tree of the dunes’, is said to be one of the sources of nutrition and medication in the desert. – from my 1st posting about mushrif park.



however, this time, the guys pick the green part of mushrif park, and we had a lovely time sitting cross-legged on the mat spread across the soft green grass. that’s zira in red, mimi in black, zuraidah holding baby zayed and me in blue. no thorns here, and the kids had a great time running around throwing frisbee, kicking football and blowing bubbles across the green field.



the guys had the *honor* to cook our chicken. bbq style!



that’s bro helmey scooping up my fried bihun. such tasty delights that day! nanti aku cerita. from zuraidah’s nasi lemak to zira’s pulut panggang and wak’s curry – alhamdulillah!




yeyem, khaleef, adrin & dani


* * *



deliciously tasty bbq chicken. well-seasoned, marinated nicely. juicy tender flesh especially devoured straight from the bbq pit. well done! sedap aku makan dengan nasik lemak zuraidah kih kih.



what I brought to the picnic table – fried bihun and chicken-mushroom puff. hope it’s good enough for everyone’s tummy! subuh-subuh aku goreng ok!



zuraidah’s nasi lemak. fragrant rice, tasty spicy sambal and crunchy ikan bilis – what’s not to like? a classic malaysian breakfast lah! walaupun ade insiden telur separuh masak tu, nasik lemak ko tetap sedap, zuraidah kih kih!



collaboration of two cewah! it’s chicken curry by wak, and roti jala by zira. roti jala is basically pancake made to to look like a net. delicious. ini dish yang aku tunggu-tunggu. lenkali masak pulut kuning ye zira. hihi.



love this! thanks bro helmey for bringing your kuah rojak and tossing and twisting it in the cut-up fresh fruits and cucumber. so tasty, so zingy. memang aku tambah banyak kali haha.



opps, I don’t know who brought the spaghetti, but when it comes to pasta, my boys are huge fans. thanks! ade something yang budak-budak suka makan!



zira’s kuih lapis. sedap, lembut, yummy, so soft! and not too sweet. just nice. terernya dia buat!


* * *



making new friends : khaleef, kahfi & adrin



adrin was so shy and was practically glued to his dad. but thanks to my genius plan haha I brought along tons of bubble bottles and gave every kid one. baru la nak start kawan-kawan. hihi. bubble-blowing brought them together! oh, and of course – when there’s a playground nearby, the kids go nuts together!




* * *



pack up! ok now can we plan a desert camping trip next?


Syamsulfaiz said...

Good blog entry. At least you documented this memorable event. And I am sure my wife Ida will be excited to make me another nasi lemak set this weekend after reading your compliment. Thank you very much..haha

Syigim said...

>> syamsulfaiz, always a pleasure to be my husband's personal secretary & PR ;) bila nk buat nasik lemak lagi?

check out these postings too!

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