Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Miyabi Sushi & Bento : Japanese & Korean Dishes in Dubai

found a new delicious hangout for japanese food in dubai : ‘miyabi sushi & bento’ along sheikh zayed road. it offers a wide selection of japanese and korean dishes; from sushi to tempura and bento. soba, ramen and udon noodles and bulgogi bibimbap too. you’re really spoilt for choice, albeit slightly more expensive than at our favorite japanese restaurants ‘sumo’ or ‘bento-ya’.

‘sumo’ has always been our regular japanese makan spot as it’s close to our place – media city or the one jumeirah road. (click here for review on media city and here for jumeirah road.) however, mr. khairul’s favorite is ‘bento-ya’ along sheikh zayed road. (click here for review and directions to bento-ya)

he’s the japanese food-fan between us, so you gotta take his word for it.




* * *



‘miyabi sushi & bento’ is located in union tower along sheikh zayed road, next to four points by sheraton. it’s one hidden gem recognizable by the green signage, and bamboo exterior; giving it a japanese feel – which is ironic coz ‘miyabi sushi & bento’ is a californian chain. haha.





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a plus presentation of their japanese tea. quite a nightmare when you have 3 boys who are curious about the heated teapot; but this is really lovely.



I’m SO not a fan of sushi; so I only look for stuff with ‘tempura’, ‘katsu’ or ‘teriyaki’ in it. I took the ‘samurai bento’ – with fresh crunchy veggies, juicy chicken teriyaki, 3 kinds of sashimi, and mixed tempura. served with hot steamed rice.



the teriyaki chicken is absolutely delicious. well-marinated and so juicy. texture is soft and tender – a winner.



not only are my mixed tempura crispy, it’s freshly hot which makes it even more tantalizing. I love the prawns tempura, and surprisingly even the tempura lady fingers. love it.



I repeat – I’m SO not a sushi fan but I’ve got some in my bento so I thought of just giving it a try. ngap. nope, still hates it. so off to mr. khairul’s bento you go, you weird-tasting sushi thingys. well, at least I can taste the freshness!



now this is mr. khairul’s meal – he took the ‘shogun bento’ – with pretty much the same stuff I got in my ‘samurai bento’ however, instead of teriyaki chicken, he has teriyaki salmon; and instead of the sushi, he has one of those raw-looking slices of fish.



mr. khairul loves his salmon teriyaki. I tried a few bites and the flesh is well-seasoned that the taste seeps through the fish. delicious. but I’ll stick to my chicken.



khaleef my eldest is starting to follow bapak’s palate – he’s a curry-freak already, and now he just loves japanese food, especially the japanese ‘miso soup’. his favorite dish when we go to japanese restaurants is the ‘chicken katsu’. however, the chicken katsu at ‘miyabi sushi & bento’ is slightly dry, so it’s not as juicy as the ‘chicken katsu’ at ‘sumo’ or ‘bento-ya’. still tasty in khaleef’s term.


* * *


overall, the food at ‘miyabi sushi & bento’ is delicious, with a nice ambiance and a good location too (not too far from our place, parking is fairly easy, along sheikh zayed road).

however, it’s more expensive than we’re used to at our other regular japanese hangouts. we may come again for the wide selection, but for our usual favorites, we’ll stick to ‘sumo’ or ‘bento-ya’!

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