Saturday, January 18, 2014

Eat Breakfast Singapore Style in Dubai @ Ya Kun Coffee & Toast

there’s a new place in dubai that takes me home – the feeling of eating breakfast at a kopitiam back in malaysia – but it’s actually a singapore café called ‘ya kun coffee & toast’, open since 1944!




it’s open in ibn battuta mall, appropriately placed at the china court (the rest memang tak masuk tema la kot – india court, egypt court or persian court), it’s right by the carpark area. just walk in, and you’ll be greeted by an old chinese uncle pouring out coffee. really singapore lah! haha.



the cute chinese uncle showing the way~



such a pleasant, comforting surrounding while you enjoy your kaya toast breakfast. a man-made pond with sounds of trickling water and birds chirping!



the unmistakable merlion on the counter – the mythical creature with a lion’s head and body of a fish – the mascott of singapore.



famous landmarks of singapore. bestnya lah kalau restoran malaysian macam ni kat dubai!



offering a selection of typical kopitiam breakfast – the classic kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs or sandwiches. the sandwiches are uniquely singapore – tomyam sandwiches or sardin sambal sandwiches!



we took the kaya peanut toast set – complete with milk tea and soft-boiled egg. simple, straightforward and traditional. what’s not to like?



hot milk tea. take a sip. feel the wind. listen to the trickling water. lovely.



my kaya peanut toast. to me, proportion is key. not too much spread on my bread; or too little. this one is just nice. but aiyo the bread is too thin lah! tak puas wo



haha so fascinated watching bapak mix pepper and light soy sauce into the soft-boiled egg. my sons are fans of soft-boiled eggs. especially my eldest. he loved it since he’s 6 months old! haha. back in malaysia this was mr. khairul’s favorite breakfast to be eaten with his roti canai.



can you spot the two singing lovebirds? so wonderful to be entertained while we munch our toast and sip our tea.



tapau some kaya balls. sorry, kaya ball kat jusco pon lagi sedap kot. maybe because yang kat jusco tu kita makan panas-panas kan dia buat dan-dan tu jugak. yang ni maybe has been sitting for some time. so it’s not so freshly made, not as soft and gebu – but the kaya inside is tasty.


* * *


oh well. to me, we might come back for the perfect soft-boiled eggs but that much dirham for kaya and toast? I think I can get 3 pieces of KFC chicken with the same price. aku tunggu mak mertua bawak homemade kaya lagi bagus kot. kih kih.

but if you’re dying for a small piece of singapore, amidst china-themed surroundings and man-made pond, head on to ‘ya kun coffee & toast’ when you’re at ibn battuta mall, jebel ali.


transformed housewife said...

tgk gambar soft-boiled eggs kat sini, terus teringin nak buat pulak. haha

Yong Is My Name said...

wahh best banget!!!
kena terjah kesana..

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, seriously i cant make soft-boiled egg. bole tak kak nur buat posting tips utk buat soft-boiled egg yg perfect? hihi

>> yong_is-my-name, mmg sedappp tp mcm bole buat sendirik!! haha

Metali said...

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