Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mango Curry & Iced Chili Drink @ Calicut Paragon

‘calicut paragon’ in karama is one of our favorite indian restaurants in dubai. for the best dry fry crab with the juiciest flesh and spicy marinade, this is the place to be.

however, during our umpteenth visit to ‘calicut paragon’, we decided to eat hot steamed rice with fish curry – and not just any normal fish curry – but MANGO fish curry! also, mr. khairul was pushing his adventurous foodie card a little too far this time by ordering an iced cool drink – with cut-up chili in it.

yeap. icy cold drink with chili slices. crazy!



the scary drink called ‘green fire’ with sliced chili



steamed rice, with mango fish curry – my first try


* * *



one of our favorite indian restaurants in dubai – other than appa kadai, and saravana bhavan



other than our must-order dry fry crab, this is also our favorite appetizer – the ‘spinach delight’, crispy fried spinach served with garlic flavored spicy sauce. crispy, crunchy, delicious and really appetizing! we never come here without ordering a plate!



tangy mango fish curry


this is the first time I tried the ‘mango fish curry’, fresh fish and raw mango in creamy coconut milk. hmm mango. I half-expected this dish to be slightly on the sweet side like our malay ‘pajeri nenas’. then I remembered that I LOVE pajeri nenas, so I would probably like this dish too. it does have that slight tang of mango but not too empowering.

the flesh of the fish falls off easily from the bones like jelly. lovely texture. the curry gravy is not too thick. an overall delicious dish that is so perfect with hot steamed rice. highly recommended.



the star : the dry fry crab


“..and this is the dish that we came here for. if you’re a crab-fan, don’t miss trying this dry fry crab when you’re at ‘calicut paragon’.

it’s marinated to perfection, and spiced well. the bits of crumbs on the plate floor adds to the appeal of this dish. mr. khairul was disturbingly quiet the entire time as he ravaged through the delicious dry fry crab. literally tak toleh kiri kanan!

i only get to taste one bite! but that’s just because i’m no fan of this side-walking creature of the sea. i’ll let the real crab-freak finish this one!”

- what I wrote in my first ever review of the dry fry crab at ‘calicut paragon’. click here to read more.



me eating briyani rice or steamed rice and indian curry is incomplete without these accompanying buddies – the every appetizing crispy popadam, and the refreshing yoghurt dip ‘raitha’. it’s like my ‘sambal belacan’ la. must have!



‘the green fire’, a drink with chili, said to be a popular drink in some parts of india


and now we come to that crazy drink that mr. khairul was bold (and brave) enough to try – called the ‘green fire’ described in its menu as a ‘refreshing passion fruit drink with ripped chili and lime’.

the key word is CHILI. it’s suicide for your tongue!

mr. khairul stirred, and plunged his straw deep down, and took a sip. I’m sure steam was coming out of his ears macam citer kartun tu. it was a weird combo – icy cold, and yet super spicy.

actually the trick is to pull up your straw and drink the top part of the drink; since all the chili and whatnot are at the bottom. then only you get the passion fruit taste with that intended spicy zing. it won’t be that spicy. mr. khairul found this out the hard way – only after subjecting his taste bud to this incomprehensible spicy chili drink!




click here to read our first experience at ‘calicut paragon’.


transformed housewife said...

chilli in a drink? hmmm something different.

lina said...

Syigim, sbb dgn baca blog syigim akak try buat sendiri not bad....even my daughter said to me..Are u cool man...

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, yup CHILI! pelik & xkan try! haha

>> kak, seriously ke?? haha. xterpikir nk try sbb mmg takut pedas! hihi

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