Sunday, January 26, 2014

‘Character Day Parade’ 2014 : The Amazing Spideys

khaleef had his first ‘character day parade’ in 2011, and he came as a dashing king. fast-forward to 2014, it’s kahfi’s turn to experience his first ‘character day parade’, and he insisted on wearing his spiderman hoodie and nothing else. no princely crown, no buzz lightyear, no other costume.

he wants to be spiderman.

elder brother khaleef followed suit, and came as spiderman too. if only I had the make-up for a face-mask. that would be super awesome.

(click here to see what khaleef looks like wearing a crown as king khaleef!)




* * *


if you don’t see any other pictures of khaleef, it’s because I’ve decided to spend more time in kahfi’s class and joined their activities – after all, it’s kahfi’s first. his classmates were all SO adorable! there’s supergirl, a monkey, red riding hood, winnie the pooh and lots of princesses in pink tutus.



here I was about to do a story-telling session with kahfi’s class. since my costume was ‘princess elsa’ in frozen (ok, fine I didn’t have an actual COSTUME, I just had a pair of gloves! duuh...the gloves that else wore? haha) so for my storytelling, I just told them the tale of ‘king midas and his magic touch’. hey I didn’t know that I was supposed to tell a story! so that’s the one that came to me on top of my head haha. hope they enjoyed it!



this girl is a cutie. they were holding hands the whole time. hihi. my kahfi & laera. sigh. I remember when khaleef was this age, he had a crush too. also filipino. haha. sama taste je dua beradik ni. dah besa sok jangan berebut gopren sudah!



the girls are too adorable!



these are some of the interesting ones I’ve managed to capture. kings and queens, pirates, cowboys, lots of snow whites, batman and barney; and even mike wazowski!



the amazing spideys!



kazim is going through the spongebob-phase right now so he was ecstatic to see a life-size spongebob!



that’s kahfi getting up close and personal with spongebob! I applaud the school’s effort to cheer up the kids by hiring these famous characters – spongebob, barney, bugs bunny, hello kitty and the whole disney gang – mickey, minnie, donald, pluto and goofy!



kahfi with bugs bunny and donald duck!


amirah said... funnnn...bestnyaa..

Anonymous said...

saya rasa anak2 kamu tak berebut gofren.

gofren yang berebut mereka.

maaf jika terkasar bahasa.

Syigim said...

>> amirah, fun sbb seronok tgk budak2 tu cute2 dgn costume2 diorang!

>> anon, i just hope for PEACE no matter what!

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