Monday, January 20, 2014

Movie Review : Ender’s Game, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Butler & Blue Jasmine

just watched four incredible movies – a fantastic sci-fi action movie ‘ender’s game’; ‘the secret life of walter mitty’ an engaging quirky story of a daydreamer who finally seized the day, the drama about african-american civil rights movement seen from the eyes of ‘the butler’; and woody allen’s dark comedy about a housewife coming to terms with her failed marriage in ‘blue jasmine’.

this time I want kacang puteh please. and iced milo.


* * *



awesome, awesome movie. ‘ender’s game’ is by far, one of the most entertaining sci-fi action movies I’ve seen in a LONG time. I mean, pacific rim was a freaking cool movie BUT with a dumb storyline, while elysium falls flat to really stir my feelings. ‘ender’s game’ delivers all – great storyline, fine acting, jaw-dropping CGI and awesome soundtrack. it’s a whole package.

it has heart, and it has got style.

‘ender’s game’ is set in the future, where the army recruits intelligent kids to helm the armed forces to fight against ant-like aliens. what happens when the game becomes real? in the middle of it all, a young boy stood out to save the world. or will he?

asa butterfield as the young commander is amazing in this movie. I like him since ‘hugo’. his mature acting, his expression and the way he delivers his lines – I mean, cammon that scene with harrison ford where they had that intense argument – ANY actor who can still steal the limelight in an argument scene with the great harrison ford is a great actor in my book. and he’s young.

mr. khairul still sees it as a kids’ movie, but I say naah. brace yourself, star wars fan, you could be seeing another saga in the making, because the ending begs for a second part. and I’m not exaggerating! it’s interesting to note that ‘han solo’ is the one doing the recruiting! geddit? geddit? and I’m happy to say that andrew wiggin is SO much cooler (and cuter) than luke skywalker…

watch this with your kids! they will totally love this cool movie!



* * *



ever daydream? I bet your daydreaming is nothing like walter mitty’s. when he daydreams, walls break like ice boulders, he’s able to skate through tar roads like water, and he even have a different accent. ‘the secret life of walter mitty’ has a very unique storyline, and I enjoyed watching it very much.

it has a simple storyline – walter mitty needs to track down a photographer, to get the negative of a very important photo to be used as a cover in the last issue of ‘life’ magazine. he often daydreams because as a person, he never did anything interesting or worth mentioning. now that he needs to find this photographer, he beats all odds, and go against his character and went on a most awesome journey.

oh and the cinematography is breathtaking. kalah lord of the rings hihi. especially since it’s not all CGI-ed. they went on-location and shoot. quite rare in hollywood these day and age haha.

I’ve always been a fan of ben stiller. he’s so creative, and if you look at his movies, no two characters are the same. he’s multi-layered; like johnny depp. and in walter mitty, he delivers another great performance.

mr. khairul feels that the constant break into daydreaming is distracting and made the movie seemed like a mockery – sikit-sikit berangan, sikit-sikit berangan – mana satu betul ni? but for a fan of quirky movies like this, I totally enjoyed the berangan part.

I highly recommend this movie! you have GOT to watch the very heart-warming ending. truly the ‘quintessence of life’!



* * *



I don’t know much about the african-americans civil rights movement in america, but I feel that this movie presents a unique take on one of the most pivotal times in american history – seen from the eyes of an african-american butler, who worked at the white house. what better way to get hands-on top secret information or snippets of conversations between the leaders of america.

I have to admit that I watched this simply because of oprah. and she’s fantastic in this. she’s not just in the movie because she’s one of the most recognizable celebrities of our time – she can really act. and yes, everyone is talking about that SLAP. haha. too bad she was not nominated for oscars despite the buzz it created.

forest whitaker is as great as he always is, but I was very excited to see all the big names like robin williams, alan rickman, john cusack and james marsden play american president throughout the time the butler was working at the white house. jane fonda was first lady, and even mariah carey was there! awesome.

it’s a well-made movie. with a narration – which I love. watch it for a different point of view of the revolution. the butler’s.



* * *



a quirky dark comedy that fans of woody allen can truly appreciate. lots of witty lines, funny anecdotes from the leading characters and a solid storyline with a slap-on-the-face ending. another great movie from the grand master of ‘uncomfortable’ comedy, woody allen. I love woody allen’s movies!

a rich, posh socialite had to turn to her less classy sister after her downfall – husband in jail, money all gone, her mind in denial. she struggles to fit into her new lower-class life with her sister while trying to pretend she still has money to burn. the *fun* begins when she meets a rich politician-to-be…

cate blanchett delivers a convincing performance – you’re embarrass for her, you feel sympathy, you feel hate; and you feel her depression, her insanity and you feel her happiness when she was with the new guy – cate blanchett brought out all these different emotions and works wonders with each one. an award-winning performance. (already winning a golden globe, and she’s up for best actress category at the oscars)

highly recommended to all fans of woody allen, and if you like dark comedy with a twist at the end. mr. khairul doesn’t stand a movie with too much dialogue – but woody allen has won oscars for best writing and original screenplay for a reason – funny, witty lines that would darkly tickle your funny bones.

the screenplay for ‘blue jasmine’ is also nominated for best writing and screenplay at this year’s academy awards. so there!



paish said...

The Butler tu mcm menarik..will try to get a copy for me-self :)

Syigim said...

>> paish, dah tgk the butler? yg seronok tu tgk popular actors berlakon jadi US president ;)

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