Wednesday, January 29, 2014

‘Oxford Reading Tree Day’ : Kahfi’s Fun at the Beach

it’s literary week at the boys’ school – first there was the ‘character day parade’, and the day after, kahfi’s batch had their ‘oxford reading tree day’ where the kids enact their favorite scene from the oxford reading tree books.



kahfi my beach boy!


kahfi was given written instructions to come to school wearing a floral shirt, shorts, sunglasses, a hat and slippers. and the girls come in their summer dresses. super cute!




* * *


there was a mock beach outside in the school yard, complete with a tent, picnic mat, huge umbrellas and few large tyres in the ground, with beach sand put in the hole. what a fantastic idea for the kids to have ‘fun at the beach’ without leaving the school!



this is the shell station I presumed. there were a lot of shells here that kids can dig up and the teacher asked the kids to count them, add or subtract using the shells. kids have fun AND learn too.




there’s even a tent put up!





I appreciate the school’s effort to make learning more interesting and fun with these activities. the mock beach idea is great! the kids can explore many stations that has been set up, and they get to enjoy beach activities like collecting seashells, play pretend with the picnic basket full of fruits and veggies; in a safe environment, along with their friends and teachers.

at kahfi’s age, kids need a lot of simulations to learn better, and be more interested in learning – not just for the sake of learning, but experiencing new things; or same things in new ways. an outdoor activity in school like this will certainly boost their interest. well done, school.

I look forward for more fun activities like this!


SARAA said...
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Anonymous said...

Truth to be told, I am really having a hard time here in Pasir Salak. But everytime I read your blogs, I cheer up, even if just a little. They make my day, somehow. Especially the ones about the boys! :D

P.S., this is Sofia.

Syigim said...

>> hi sofia, appreciate your comments! keep reading & leaving comments ok! it's a way to get updated on your dubai nephews :) hang in there!

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