Friday, August 30, 2013

Diyana & Syafawi : Classic White Wedding

alhamdulillah, on merdeka night last 30th august, my little sis-in-law diyana (fondly known as teh among family members) and this young chap syafawi were solemnized as husband and wife in a simple but meaningful ceremony.

big brother along and family (mr. khairul, me & the boys) were already back in dubai at that time, but we heard it was a beautiful affair. they are currently studying in cairo – met as friends, blossomed into best friends, and then solidified with an eternal vow to love and care each other.

from kau-aku, to i-you, and finally sayang-sayang. kih kih.

I remember meeting syafawi for the first time, and thought to myself, “muka dia ni macam muka hero filem melayu lama.” haha. and now this guy with the ‘classic malay hero look’ is my husband’s bro-in-law!



love : in black and white~


the nikah was done by my own father-in-law. alhamdulillah, just in one lafaz. you can see mr. khairul’s mom in brown tudung beside the bride, and his grandma on the other side in blue tudung.



alhamdulillah! the lovely bride and groom is officially husband and wife. some say it’s a picture of total contentment and bliss. I will just call it cute. hihi.


mr khairul’s mom & dad, with their daughter & new son-in-law


I love this shot. mr. khairul’s 3 sisters tina, diyana and sofia. an honest expression of their mutual love and affection for each other. also mutual craziness and teasing!


* * *


that night, the newlyweds were celebrated in a white-green theme wedding reception – syafawi sporting a double-oh-seven look in his sharp all-white suit and sleek black tie; while wifey teh looking demure and resplendent in a gorgeous white gown, stepping into a whole new world! too bad I missed it!


I thank my aunt cik norzehan and uncle rosli, as well as my younger sis syima and din for spending some time braving the impossible merdeka night traffic to make it to their wedding reception. tolong wakilkan anak sedara and kakak di dubai ni! thanks for the pictures above too. that’s my sister syimot with my mother-in-law. thanks again for being there on my behalf!


* * *


to teh and pawi (diyana and syafawi) marriage is not for YOU, it’s for TWO. so always remember that in good or bad, you be there for each other. have patience, understanding and respect. ALWAYS communicate, and above all, never forget to be silly and just laugh. may Allah bless this union with all the happiness and love you deserve. amin.

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