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Unforgettable Memories at Mount Kinabalu, Sabah

my malaysia has a place as beautiful as the mount kinabalu in sabah, one of the tallest mountains in south east asia. what a proud moment to have seen it with my own eyes. to breathe the same cool air and to mount the same road that leads to the summit.

note : I didn’t CLIMB mount kinabalu ok (semput!). I just walked a few steps at the first gate for hikers, and went up to the lookout point. all I could do was stand there speechless for a few minutes in awe – marveling at the great beauty of Allah’s creation.

rimbun hutan hijau, permandangan memukau,awan berbalam-balam, udara sejuk nyaman, kabus menebal bagai di kayangan, burung liar bersahutan – indahnya ciptaan Tuhan!



love is like a mountain; hard to climb. but once you’re at the top, the view is beautiful.”~ enjoying the incredible sight with the one you love is priceless.



mount kinabalu. the surrounding is stunning. nampak macam middle earth pun ade!


I was with my in-laws on this trip to sabah, all planned by mr. khairul. we went to kota kinabalu like a week after raya and spent two nights – which was NOT enough. insyaAllah we’re coming back!

we drove from the city up to the base of mount kinabalu in about 2 hours more or less. there are no petrol stations along the mountain road so be sure to have enough fuel for the return journey too. about halfway there, we just switched off the air-cond and open the windows. the air was refreshingly cool!

before reaching the first gate – ‘pondok timpohon’ (the first station for mountain hikers), we stopped at this lookout point by the roadside. about 15 minutes before timpohon gate. it’s a spacious area as you can see from the family picture below. we were the only ones there so plenty of space to take pictures from many angles.



my sis-in-law tina with all her nieces and nephews : eldest khaleef with the ipad, kahfi crouching in front, wafa the only girl, kazim right next and baby khairy.



mr, khairul’s mom & dad with cucu kahfi & khairy



picture perfect with perfect scenery : my in-laws with the majestic mount kinabalu in the background


* * *


we continued our drive and soon arrived at the entry point; the first gate; the beginning of the summit trail to mount kinabalu – the ‘timpohon station’. ‘timpohon station’ at 1,866 metres (6,122 ft) is the first gate that hikers pass through before starting their ascend to mount kinabalu. this will take them to the next gate – ‘laban rata’ if I’m not mistaken.

the timpohon station or timpohon gate is located 5km away from the kinabalu park (where you can see some of the amazing species of orchids, ferns and pitcher plants – some of them not found anywhere else in the world. it is also home to the world’s largest flower; the rafflesia.

the air was lovely and cool – nice weather to be out walking. wish I had worn thicker blouse, but then again, I was just loving the cold breeze!



my youngest sis-in-law sofia goofing around at the entrance of the first station for the mountain hikers – pretending she’s about to climb the peak! haha siap getting a hug from eldest bro mr. khairul. aww sweet! climb safe, sofia! haha.



…and she’s back. after about 2 minutes. haha.



I read that it takes roughly about 2 days for the average person to climb mount kinabalu. also, one of mount kinabalu's main attractions is that climbers don't need any special climbing equipment; guess the terrain is such that makes it easier to hike simply by having good walking shoes, a head torch and a sturdy windproof jacket. the paths are marked, and as long as you stay on the marked track, you’ll be fine.




* * *


once you arrive the timpohon station, you could just walk up the stairs and be greeted with a large viewing platform right on the roof. we went straight up, and I was just speechless upon seeing the beauty surrounding me. we were closer to the mountain that at the lookout point by the roadside.

there was a wooden shelter with tables and a few chairs. I just took a chair and sat there; doing nothing but admire the amazing view. I was awe-struck.  

however, my sis-in-law teh and bro-in-law asrar got themselves ‘vistor’s pass’ each from the guard at the timpohon gate, and took few steps further. they went inside through the gate, and followed the ‘climbing trail’.




‘summit trail’



on the lower part of mount kinabalu, the trail is similar to what you see in those pictures. the last part of the climb at the top is just plain granite rock.



my sis-in-law teh and bro-in-law asrar went out of way and found this gorgeous little waterfall – ‘carson fall’, a popular photo-spot for visitors. wish we went along with you guys!


* * *


overall here’s my conclusion :

1) mr. khairul is inspired to climb mount kinabalu with his boys khaleef, kahfi and kazim one fine day. yes, without mak thank you very much!

2) I remember standing there high up looking down on the carpet of trees surrounding me, and just BREATHE. I took a deep breath, appreciating that such great green place exist amidst modernization

3) it’s not JUST about visiting THE mount kinabalu. it’s about surrounding yourself with Allah’s creation and praise Allah for it. getting lost in the beauty. be one with nature.

I hope I can return to this beautiful place! so long, mount kinabalu. till we meet again!

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