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Jungle in the City @ Kuala Lumpur Bird Park : World’s Biggest Aviary

amidst the hustle and bustle of hectic KL, traffic jam, shiny skyscrapers and big fancy malls, there is a precious green gem called the ‘kuala lumpur bird park’ – or ‘taman burung kuala lumpur’, located in lake gardens (tasik perdana) kuala lumpur.

this awesome park is a must-visit for all proud malaysians.


that early morning we went out to send my abah and umi to KL sentral. they’re taking the train back to ipoh. since we were already in KL area, and and it’s still early morning, might as well jalan-jalan. so we decided to take an impromptu detour to the kuala lumpur bird park.


did you know that our own kuala lumpur bird park is the world’s LARGEST free-flight walk-in *aviary (sangkar terbang bebas terbesar di dunia)? very impressive!
here i am, living in dubai; the land of the world’s tallest building, and the world’s biggest mall, and the world’s highest fountain – when back home, we have the world’s largest bird park!
*an aviary is a large enclosure for confining birds. unlike cages, aviaries allow birds a larger living space where they can fly; hence, aviaries are also sometimes known as flight cages. aviaries often contain plants and shrubbery to simulate a natural environment. ~wikipedia


that means, when you walk into the kl bird park, you’re walking into the largest cage in the world! the birds live, fly, and play in their natural habitat, simulated in this large aviary.

it’s somewhat a ‘cage’ per-se, but the natural habitat that they ‘built’ for these birds are so good and real, that researchers often choose this bird park to study behavioral pattern of birds!


fun facts on kl bird park :
  • open in 1991
  • it’s adjacent to lake gardens
  • there are over 3000 birds from 200 species!
  • 90% local birds, and the rest imported

one of the best features of kuala lumpur bird park – some birds walk freely among the visitors. pecking away in bushes. sitting on a branch, just within reach or simply taking a stroll right beside us!

the boys were super excited to see so many types of colorful birds!

here’s a picture of us with some of the most beautiful birds I’ve ever seen up close. and to have a few of them perching on my arm and shoulder was just so exciting! this was at the photo section where you pay to get a picture taken with these fabulous feather friends. I was more amazed at how the boys were able to sit still when the staff put a parrot on their head!

khaleef and the lovebirds. he said that the blue macaw were ‘blue’ and ‘jewel’ from the animation ‘rio’!

* * *

here’s another fun section – you pay to get cups of milk and some sunflower seeds, and you get to feed the friendly parrots around this section. the parrots were super friendly and tame, and didn’t mind perching all over you as they helped themselves to those yummy milk and seeds that you’re holding!

khaleef got ecstatic as one of the parrots started getting cozy on his wrist. he said the claw on his arm actually hurt a little, but he didn’t mind it. they were too cute!

kahfi loved this one so much! he didn’t budge from this one here.


* * *

one of the noisiest cages in the kuala lumpur bird park. they were literally communicating with the boys. using different languages, of course. but really, memang berbalas-balas bunyi. the birds would chirp something really loud, and kahfi would go like, “what? what is it?” and then the birds replied. and kahfi continued the conversation. super cute.

khaleef said this reminded him of ‘jurassic park’ – where the entrance to the pterodactyl’s cage is similar to this one.

a large pond and waterfall, making the birds feel at home; in their natural habitat.



* * *

the bird show was very entertaining. it was done entirely in english for the benefit of the international tourists. so happy to see the middle east tourists and omputeh laughing, enjoying the jokes and funny antics of the birds. our kuala lumpur bird park was alright!

there was also a section where we can learn how different bird eggs grow and hatched; as well as their different habitat. there was this cage with the most adorable chicks. ya Allah comel sangat! this is one of those indoor places in the bird park, so it’s air-conditioned. masuk-masuk je wow – legaaaa! sejuk!


for rm25 I think it’s worth it – walking into another world filled with greeneries and serenity, accompanied with chirps and hoots of wild birds, leaving the hectic metropolitan and traffic jam of KL behind…
try bird park today. world’s biggest aviary, yo! malaysia boleh!

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