Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kahfi’s 1st Day of School!

as soon as we came back to dubai from summer holiday in malaysia, it’s straight to business – kahfi’s first day of school!

yeap, our second son kahfi is starting school already, and naturally it’s both exciting, scary and emotional. and that’s just for his mom! haha.



that first morning. I made sure both were up early so that they have ample time to get ready, to have breakfast, and just soak in all that first-day-o-school excitement or jitters. kahfi is passively obliging to have his photo taken. big brother is standing proudly beside. this is gonna be a fun year. hmm.



with bapak. day ONE.



khaleef is in 3D this semester; along with all his ol friends from 2D. so he immediately got comfy since everybody knows everybody – it’s just another day in school for my eldest boy. here’s khaleef & one of his bff dennis.



kahfi meanwhile is starting on a whole new chapter of his life. it’s a BIG deal since he’s never ever been to any nursery (unlike khaleef who was sent to nursery since he’s 1 when both me & mr. khairul were working). it was so adorable when everyone in his class were sitting randomly; carefully leaving a gap between each other. hihi.



getting khaleef and kahfi a few extra uniforms.




1st WEEK

the first week was tough. he didn’t like going to school.

at least it was really easy to wake kahfi up early in the morning and getting ready for school – kahfi is always obliging and never kick up a fuss. so proud of him! but while waiting for the bus, he would always sport this sad, worried face and say “I don’t want to go to school. I don’t know anyone.” you’ll do fine, kid. just give it another week!




2nd WEEK

second week was better. he started to talk about drawing and coloring in school. and started singing the songs he learned. he was happier.

to motivate him more, we got him a new school bag with his current favorite animation ‘planes’. now he’s double happy. he’s very proud of his bag and the fact that it’s his SCHOOL bag makes it easier for him to survive the days in school. hihi.




3rd WEEK

by the third week, he was completely at ease with school, alhamdulillah.

he came back from school happy. he wakes up in the morning excited. he loves his uniform. he loves his school bag. he proudly tells me what storybooks the teacher reads today. he enjoys the bus rides with big brother to school.

and he finally name one of his friends from school, ‘abdul’. aww cute!




after EID AL-ADHA holiday

it was a long 10-day holiday. after the break, it was the first parent-teacher meet for this semester. I was really looking forward to hearing what kahfi’s teacher would say about him and his development. I am proud to report that she enthusiastically said that she ‘always uses kahfi as an example for his classmates. he finishes his work fast and always participate actively in class.’

just a simple sentence from a teacher, but my mommy-heart got so big with pride.

if you knew kahfi, you know why I’m emotional. when your very-manja second son (whose fav quote is “I dowan. I don’t know. I cannot.” haha) goes to school for the first time, and you hear his teacher said THAT, any mom would be weepy with emotions; just to know that he’s settling in just fine by himself.

just fine.




this is kahfi taking a nap after school. kesian anak manja mak so tired. may Allah continue to protect my little ones everyday they’re away from me, going to school to gain some ilmu. amin.

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