Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Munching Burgers @ Shake Shack, Dubai Mall

this is probably the most popular burger place for the arabs here in dubai (aside from the usual mcdonalds, hardees or burger king franchise). you can see them in their white kandooras and black abayas flocking the place for a tasty, juicy burger. the ‘shake shack’.

it’s amazing to know that this huge franchise started from a little hot dog stand in madison square park, manhattan in 2001, calling it the ‘modern roadside burger’. the one in dubai international airport is in fact, its first ever branch opened in an airport.




* * *


we went to the one in dubai mall, located on the first floor near the waterfall with the silver divers. it covers a wide area so there are plenty of seats. I can’t promise they’ll be empty ones though – most of the time it’s packed!

surprisingly, there were not many varieties in their menu – there were only a couple of choices for burgers, and fewer more for hotdogs. what they do have a variety of is their MILKSHAKES – hence the name! SHAKE SHACK! all kinds of regular shakes you’d ever wanna have. yum!





bole nampak rata-rata arab yang suka lepak sini!


the place was packed! it was already one big place to begin with, but still the seats were full inside the ‘shake shack’, and there were no empty seats at the area just outside – however, there was another section with tables and chairs opposite the ‘shake shack’ that overlooks the waterfall with the silver divers. that was where we finally got a table.

such a popular place, we had to wait for seats!



the waterfall with the silver divers


the section was quite far from the actual ‘shake shack’ but we get more privacy; plus a nice view of the ‘waterfall’. even the sound of the waterfall surprisingly added a nice touch to the experience.



we first learned about a device like this when we waited for our table at the cheesecake factory. it beeps when your table is ready, or when your order is ready to be picked up. it’s self-service at ‘shake shack’, so mr. khairul went inside to make his order, paid, got this ‘beeper’ and we waited.


* * *



..and when the burgers arrived, my eyes were fixed on the fries – yay crinkly-cut fries! I LOVE crinkle-cut more than the shoe-string fries. and the one with added cheese on top was yummy. crispy potato fries with the delicious taste of gooey cheese. hmm.




I got the ‘shackburger’ – just a straightforward cheeseburger with tomatoes, lettuce and ‘shacksauce’. right, like adding ‘shacksauce’ would make it extra exotic. haha. it’s cheeseburger ok. no more no less. it’s not like the awesome cheeseburger at ‘burger fuel’ where they add guacamole or even mango to their burgers. now THAT’s exotic!

(click here for my review of ‘burger fuel’)

but straightforward or not, I like the burger. the patty is tasty – the texture is tender and juicy, and not too well-done. the lettuce and tomatoes were freshly crunchy. and so green! I love it. simple and deliciously juicy.

mr. khairul got the ‘shack stack’ – cheeseburger and ‘shroom burger topped with lettuce, tomatoes and shacksauce. the ‘shroom burger by itself is a choice for vegetarians, but this ‘shack stack’ is combining cheeseburger and ‘shroom burger. delicious as any good cheeseburger would be.


* * *


the choices for burgers and hotdogs are limited, but they’re all delicious. simple, but delicious. don’t forget to get a shake to go with your burgers – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or caramel! I might come again but in the meantime, for a more adventurous and tasty burgers, I’ll stick to ‘burger fuel’!

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