Monday, September 23, 2013

MCKK Old Boys United Over Grilled Fish @ Aden

a travelling guest wandered into dubai, mr. khairul’s mckk super senior dato kele of batch 70; and he requested grilled fish. only in sharjah. particularly in aden restaurant!

so the mckk old boys of dubai got together at aden restaurant in sharjah to hang out and as usual, reminisce about school. sigh.

(click here for my review of this delicious grilled fish of aden restaurant, sharjah)



khairul's super senior dato kele batch 70 is in town so mckk old boys of dubai got together to lepak-lepak makan ikan bakaq aden. (from left dato kele v70, kay v96, abg shon v84 & abg zaim v82)




best grilled fish in town – deliciously marinated, and tender juicy fish flesh. tambah cecah cili kicap (cut up onions, red and green chilli, dip in sweet soy sauce) from kak muna. heavenly.



I was amused at the fact that dato kelle is also a foodie who enjoys taking pictures of food! at one point mr. khairul helped pick up the fish so that he can take a better shot. it’s refreshing to see people his age embracing the current trend! hihi.



at the time of writing, our beloved bro zaim had left dubai for good to return to malaysia. sob sob. hilang sorang strong supporter of mcoba dubai gatherings! we will miss you abg zaim, kak na and family! thanks for the memories!



abg faisal shon enjoying his mandi rice. with him is abg fudzail; not a mcoba but fondly known as ‘penghulu dubai’ as he’s a malaysian ol timer who has been in dubai since forever!



good friends, great laughter, even better food!



aden restaurant in sharjah has since revamped their restaurant – beautiful carpeted majlees with comfy pillows and posh curtains. nice!


* * *


hope you enjoyed your stay in dubai this time around, dato kele and datin. bila pulak malay college old boy abah ‘65 nak datang dubai lagi? hihi.

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