Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Indo Food @ Bandung Restaurant, Abu Dhabi

in UAE, indonesian dishes are the closest to malaysian taste buds; next to singaporean, thai or vietnamese dishes. ‘bandung restaurant’ was the second indonesian restaurant we tried in abu dhabi. the first one was ‘sari rasa’ opposite marina mall abu dhabi – click here for review and pictures.



the food is freshly prepared, delicious and affordable!


* * *



‘bandung restaurant’ abu dhabi is situated in baharia street corner of masjid cuba I think? check it out! I offers authentic indonesian dishes from all types of soto (soups) like ‘soto madura’ which is soup with shredded chicken and veggies; or ‘soto babat’ which is with beef strips. there are also satay (meat skewers) and all sorts of meat and fish dishes to be eaten with white steamed rice.



simple interior. love the ‘brick wall’.




* * *



we got the obvious choice – ayam bakar (grilled chicken, indonesian style) for the boys to eat with the rice. the chicken was well-marinated; sweet and juicy albeit the charred bits.



mr. khairul the soup-fan got himself this ‘soto bandung’ – soup with glass noodles, shredded beef and veggies. SO delicious. the beef so tender and flavorful. I would order this again.



the fried ‘tempe’ – fermented soy – it tastes so much better than my description hihi. I don’t really fancy tempe, but this one is tasty because it’s fried in batter. crispy hot delight! also, I love anything fried in batter! (anything edible, pls).



our favorite veggies at places like these is either kangkong belacan, or kailan ikan masin. this one is kangkong belacan, and it’s as good as it gets. fresh crunchy kangkong goes perfect with white steamed rice, anytime!



this – is supposed to be cendol. I know, malaysians! where’s the shaved ice, right? it’s a cendol-like drink I would say. all the ingredients of this refreshing dessert is there – the green jelly called cendol, the coconut milk, and palm sugar. too sweet for me, this one. and it’s just not the same. sigh.


* * *


rakyat malaysia yang kebulor makanan nusantara tu boleh la berkunjung ke bandung restaurant ok! jangan lupa order ayam bakar. the best!

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