Thursday, September 16, 2010

Syawal With Aunts & Cousins

after spending raya at kg. lalang and ipoh, it was time to head on to kuala lumpur to spend the rest of our raya, and our final days in malaysia before flying back to dubai! sob sob.

well, my mom has two other sisters. i call them auntyna, and the youngest one, cik. my hari raya continued at auntyna’s home in kl. it was a great, wonderful reunion with all my cousins. they’re bright, beautiful (noisy) people and i’m proud to call them family!


from left : nadhirah, rini, yaya, me & wanie – cousins from 3 different moms who are sisters!


my eldest sis yong was still in ipoh beraya, syima went beraya on her husband’s side after coming back from ipoh, while syida had already started working. so anak mak was only me and my youngest sister azot who’s still on a break from work.


from left : wanie, rini, me holding kazim, siti, azot & yaya


my beloved aunts : cik & auntyna


these are my aunts. my mak’s sisters. i owe them a lot especially during the few years after mak passed away. this house was the very house i brought mr. khairul for the first time to meet my family, and especially abah!

love you lots, auntyna and cik! *big hug!*


cik holding kazim, & auntyna and i in the sehati berdansa mode




2nd child club – rini, me, kahfi & yaya. next picture is me with my cousin amin


since cousins from 3 moms were there, we had fun taking pictures of youngest kids, and 2nd born and 3rd child club – it was lots of laughs!

rini with the red tudung is auntyna’s 2nd daughter, i’m mak’s 2nd born and yaya (black tudung) is cik’s 2nd child. kahfi is 2nd in the family too! kelab anak-anak nombor dua!

amin my cousin is the designated family physiotherapist! he’s even trained in massaging babies, and he’s really good at it! kazim sampai tertido



my in-laws also joined in beraya at auntyna’s place. from left : mr. khairul’s youngest sis sofia, me, cik holding kazim, auntyna, mr. khairul’s mom & sis tina



me & my precious jewels – khaleef, kahfi & kazim




me, auntyna na, mak keh (my mak’s cousin) & cik – lovely aunts who can cook yummy dishes!!!


thanks auntyna for a wonderful raya lunch! thanks cik for all the coveted dishes that you managed to cook for me – ikan keli, kuey teow goreng and nasi tomato! and thanks mak keh for the yummiest sambal ikan bilis ever that you pack for dubai!

i want the EXACT same meals next year, insyaAllah!

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