Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raya @ Rumput

syimee, or yong, eldest daughter, pretty in pink.

nazirah, or azot, youngest girl, marvelous in maroon.

syigim, or yang, 2nd born, bubblelicious in blue.

syida, or err..syida, 4th one, yummy in yellow.

syima, or ngah, middle child, prim in purple.


it’s not exaggerating to say that this was finally the first photograph of all FIVE of us, that we took after a LONG, LONG time. i’ve always wanted to take the latest picture of me and my sisters, and i’ve always wanted to take picture on the grass of abah’s front lawn.

on the 3rd raya day, i got both.



location : abah’s house, ipoh

photographer : our first nephew, muhd haiqal syahid

camera : olympus shock + waterproof 850 SW

time/date : afternoon of 3rd raya

wardrobe : yong, azi, syida & syima all wearing baju raya. my blue baju kurung was mak’s.


check out a done-up version of these photos at my youngest sister’s blog. click here. cool pictures, and the sweetest write-up. i will miss them very, very much.


transformed housewife said...

sweet pictures! knur punya adik beradik tak lengkap lg thn ni sbb sorang adik (Yatie Chomeyl-nickname utk blog dia) ada kat Jepun

CikLilyPutih said...

comel comel comel! sukerlah

Syigim said...

>> thanks kak nur. tu yg sedih nk tinggalkan my sisters. uhuk uhuk.

oh yatie-chomeyl tu adik kaknur ke! when is she comin home? tak balik cuti ke?

>> ciklilyputih, mmg comel, terutama skali saya hihhihi

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