Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cooking With Kak Zaida @ Dubai TV

like so many of our beloved friends in dubai, she’s one of them who opens her home to us with warmth, care and delicious food! kak zaida was also the one who helped take care of khaleef and kahfi while mr. khairul was with me during the hours of labor; giving birth to kazim.

i can’t thank her enough for that! *hugs*!



and just the other day mr. khairul told me that kak zaida, along with another malaysian, kak nani were featured in a television show in dubai called ‘tv wrap’. it was a special feature on how expatriates in dubai celebrate ramadhan – specifically malaysians.

kak zaida was shown fixing a famous must-have malaysian dish during ramadhan – the bubur lambuk. after that, kak nani explained how to make a malaysian desert, kuih koci.

it’s funny, amusing, with a little sense of pride to see someone you know featured on a popular tv show, right? i was smiling as i watched the episode through a link given by another dubai friend fida. kak zaida, you’re a natural! enjoyed watching your brief ‘cooking show’! you go, girl!

click here to watch the whole episode. (it’s the entire episode and not just the clip on kak zaida, so be patient and wait for the bit about ramadhan for malaysians in dubai, that will come around the middle of the show. bangga weh! hihi)


amirah said...

aah la kalau ada someone we know on tv, akan rasa mcm bangga.. : P

Syigim said...

kan, amirah? mesti mcm, "eh eh dia ni skolah ngan aku dulu!", "eh eh dia ni jual murtabak kat pasar mlm rumah aku!" hihihi...

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