Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dua Syawal @ Ipoh

i was born and bred in ipoh. i go to school from standard 1 to 5 in ipoh. my first job was in ipoh. and my abah is still staying in ipoh. so to ipoh we go on the second day of syawal.



my younger sisters syida and azi were already there. they balik kampung using the new ETS (electric train services) from kl sentral to ipoh in 2 hours, exactly – without the hustle and worries of traffic jam during the festive season.

yong’s house is just 15 minutes away, so she just dropped by when i came. like me, syima also spend her first raya with the in-laws, and we were just waiting for her to come back to complete the picture.



 syida holding kahfi, me holding kazim, yong holding adam harris, and azi with nuna


here, khaleef and kahfi hung out with cousins abang haiqal and abang haqeem, as well as the girls sufya and nuna. yes – my abah has nine cucu and this raya – they too had a little reunion!



the picture below is undoubtly one of the cutest pictures for this 2010 raya! though kahfi was still the wriggling worm, khaleef was just eager to be part of the picture. will miss my nephews and nieces when i’m back in dubai…



* * *

as usual, the pulau tiga clan will also make abah’s home one of their must-beraya destination. it’s abah’s siblings – all 6 of them (7, if you include abah) were there. i was quite happy as i haven’t seen some of them for so long!

i didn’t even recognize some of my cousins! because the last time i saw them, they were khaleef’s age – and now that they’re all grown up workin and college-goin – i hardly recognize anyone!

should seriously considering a proper chart of family tree – with latest pictures, full names and whereabouts!



abah’s siblings standing from left : makchu, makcho, makyang, maknyah, abah, pak huri and pakcik kudus. my abah is pakcik podin.



how’s your raya so far? reunited with any relatives you haven’t seen in awhile?


mama danial said...

one thing in common for both your family picts either there or in Ipoh, Mr K sure tak butang abes baju melayu dia...spoil betul..hahahahaha!

(being a teacher, my eyes are fixed on benda yg tak betul jek...soweeeee)

Anonymous said...

Aslmkm Syigim.
Salam Raya. Maaf zahir batin.
Mohon bbyk maaf juga kerana lewat berkunjung.
Wow ... one big happy family! Dats a real reunion!

Ummi Hanie said...

i was also stayin in ipoh for about 6 years before getting married n my parents still staying there after i had married for these past 8 years . Ipoh is our sweetheart , rite k.syigim ? ;)

Syigim said...

>> kak wawa, that's his selamba look konon. :P

>> kak G, thanks for dropping a wish. it's the thought that counts - lambat cepat tu xkisah.

yes, it was the best reunion! dah lama tak berkumpul 5 beradik! :)

Syigim said...

>> umi hanie, ipoh mmg best! tak busy mcm kl tapi tak la plak mundur sgt. just RIGHT. ;)

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