Monday, December 23, 2013

My 2nd Born Kahfi Turns 5ive!

happy birthday to my adorable kahfi. he’s stubborn, kuat merengek and sometimes too manja. yet he’s loving, he’s incredibly funny and his smile just melts your heart.

happy 5th my boy!




just a quiet celebration (still lots of loud singing) with just his brothers and bapak. birthday boy and the floating chocolate cake. haha.



kahfi is a huge fan of disney’s ‘cars’ so naturally, I gotta make a cake with lightning mcqueen on top!



birthday boy kahfi and his slice


* * *



while big bro khaleef is crazy about dinosaurs, kahfi is a freak when it comes to hot wheels – so we combined the two and got him this ‘t-rex takedown hot wheels’ for his birthday. hours of fun! (hopefully not get bored after 5 minutes and will leave this in the room to go switch on the x-box!)


amirah said...

muka kazeem...comel...haha...happy 5th birthday kahfi..

Syigim said...

>> aunty amirah... thanks for the wish :)

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