Thursday, December 19, 2013

Argentinian Marco’s Birthday; Kahfi’s BFF

I was so glad to receive the invitation from one of kahfi’s classmates – kahfi was just starting school for the first time ever last september, so I was excited that he’s making friends and going to birthday parties!

it was a birthday invitation from marco, an argentinian. never imagine that my kahfi would be friends with an argentinian boy! he had the party inside the ‘fun city’ arcade games area  in ibn battuta mall. and man, did he host an awesome party or what--



marco and kahfi getting silly with another classmate; at the fun city ball pit


1) the fun city playtime – marco treated all his guests to a rolling, running, sliding down fun time at the play area inside fun city. main sampai berpeluh!



kahfi and marco on the super slide


* * *


2) marco treated his small guests to an awesome ride on the ‘hot air balloon’



marco and kahfi lining up to on the ride




* * *


3) the birthday party GAMES! khaleef won ‘best dancing’, but lost in ‘musical chairs’ – he was the last-3-kid standing!




the inseparable marco and kahfi



this was such a cute daddy moment : they needed only the dads to head the ‘balloon race’. there were only two dads there – marco’s and kahfi’s. haha. it’s cute that they were close friends too! so there they were, two macho dads, like football coaches on the side of the field, cheering their players!


* * *




4) cut the cake! cake was brought out, birthday song sang out loud. a cute mucha lucha cake as adorable as the birthday boy and his gorgeous parents! lawa-lawa orang argentina ni!


* * *



munchin and lunchin next to the birthday boy


5) marco treated mcdonalds happy meals for all his guests. nuggets and burgers all around. yum.




* * *


6) after the party, marco and his birthday party guests hang out at the arcade playing games – his treat! awesome, awesome close to an already fantastic birthday party.

thanks marco for an unforgettable fun time at your birthday party!




* * *


as a mom to my kahfi who had just learned how to make friends in a school setting; this is a moment full of pride and joy – when you see your kid making friends, having fun with little tiny people that he learns to get to know on his own; or having friends that simply enjoy being with your kid just because.

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