Saturday, December 7, 2013

Churrasco Lunch Date @ Pachanga, Hilton Jumeirah

our kids make our world go round, give meaning to our lives and the colorful sprinkles in our marriage – but hey, count your blessings if you have the luxury to just go out at a moment’s notice for a simple coffee time, supper at mamak at 2am, or movie date at the cinema alone with your spouse!

mr. khairul and I had a quick ‘getaway’ during lunch one weekend, to this latin american steakhouse ‘pachanga’ in hilton jumeirah. with 3 boys aged 8, 5 and 3; and no maid, a date like this is too precious.

(thanks yong for babysitting the kids! this was when she was still here in dubai with her kids enjoying school holiday!)




* * *



thanks honey for the scrumptious lunch date!


we had ‘churrasco’ at pachanga. say what?

‘churrasco’ is a portuguese and spanish term referring to beef or grilled meat; usually serving as much as you can eat, with waiters going around offering you meat cut from the skewers. very popular in brazil, colombia, guatemala, chile, argentina, uruguay – what’s expected in a latin american steakhouse, obviously!

it’s basically all-you-can-eat steak. a lot of steak.



this is the meat station. from the picture you can see how medium rare the meat is


the chef would have a huge chunk of grilled meat in front of him, and with request from patrons, he would cut away. the meat itself was well-marinated, juicy and tender BUT it was cold. not freshly grilled. and looks medium well to medium rare. very pinkish. personally, we no likey.

so mr. khairul asked for ours to be grilled again for that heat, and for a more medium-well – well done texture. I think they should have the grill right next to where he is cutting, so that the grilled meat is freshly grilled and more inviting!



my friendly mr. khairul. making friends wherever he goes.


there are dips, sauce and gravy in front of the meat station – take what you will, or eat the steak on its own.

I LOVE steak, so I totally enjoyed the all-you-can-eat steak concept – but trust me, two trips and you are already so full. plus the steak that the chef brings to your table!

cakap alhamdulillah aje lah!



my plate, round ONE. haha. I was actually frustrated with the salad bar – there were some of my fav choices like rocket salad, and potato salad but where is the plain lettuce or a simple steamed broccoli? hmm. but that little dough that looks like karipap? delicious!



my plate. round TWO. juicy, tender, delicious. the chef sent this plateful of meat cuts to our table with black pepper gravy. I put my salad in a separate plate. haha. I promise you I did have an accompanying salad. (as if that makes this less fatty and makes me sound like I’m eating healthier! haha)



I love desserts so the dessert section in any buffet spread is just heavenly for me. there was a delightful chocolate fountain, and the chocolate is delicious BUT I was very disappointed to see the choice of stuff to dip into the choc – I saw only honey dew. and dates. that’s all. where is the classic strawberry and banana? or the fun marshmallow?



cinnamon & dulce de leche tart, quince cream layers and blueberry cheesecake; among others. the honey dew dipped in choclate is NOT good. but I just LOVE the cinnamon & dulce de leche tart on top of this picture.


* * *


a memorable lunch because 1) I was stuffing my face with all-you-can-eat steak with a fancy name like ‘churrasco’! and 2) I love buffet meals, and 3) this was a long-awaited date with my mr. khairul

thanks honey for this treat, and thanks yong for keeping an eye on the kids. *big hug*!

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