Saturday, December 21, 2013

Khaleef’s Ear Operation : Alhamdulillah Done

no, not an accident, terrible illness or anything too serious, alhamduilllah. just a small problem he’s been having since he was little.

khaleef has always had a problem with his left ear. there’s a perforation (a small hole) in his left eardrum which slightly affects his hearing, and affects his freedom to swim without earplugs or soak in the bathtub. whenever he has a cold and runny nose, there would be discharge coming out of his ear.

as he reached 8 years old (old enough to endure the op), his doc suggested this operation to fix his eardrum.


* * *




operation was done at medcare hospital. right before being wheeled into the operation theater. khaleef already in deep sleep. the operation took about 2 hours, under the abled hands of egyptian ear doctor dr. naggar who is super awesome.


* * *




‘looks bad with the bandage but actually it’s just an incision behind his left ear to cover a hole in his eardrum. alhamdulillah, surgery went well, khaleef is recovering well and has awesome appetite and sense of humor. first words after he woke up from anaesthesia : “where am i? did I magically appear here?” may Allah continue to protect you my boy!’ – at medcare hospital.



with the awesome egyption ear doctor – dr naggar.


I’m so glad that we found dr. naggar to take care of khaleef’s ear. he’s great with kids, and I love his calm demeanor and the soft tone in his voice as he speaks. he explains things very clearly. and very comforting too. a doctor should always be comforting! ye lah, nak bercakap dengan orang sakit dan ahli keluarga yang kerisauan kan, mesti lah pandai menenangkan org.

khaleef looks sad over here but really, he’s in high spirit, he’s excited that his ear is fixed, and he’s actually enjoying his stay at the hospital!



here’s khaleef enjoying the ‘hospital food’ that looks like a superb dish from an arab or pakistan restaurant! it’s very delicious, really; I could write a whole review on it! haha. black pepper lamb with steamed broccoli, hot veggie soup and fresh steamed rice. with a side dessert of caramel pudding. amik kau! alhamdulillah khaleef has good appetite despite his ear being opened up just few hours earlier!



second day – bandage off. ear looks fine. as it’s supposed to be. he said he’s frankenstein because you can see the black stitching clearly at the back of his ear. at the time of writing, his stitch wound is completely gone – as if he didn’t have any operation at all. good job, dr. naggar! a real artwork! haha.


* * *



khaleef in good spirits before leaving the hospital room. we had a pleasant stay – the medcare hospital staff were all nice and helpful, and the room is so comfy.



all the single rooms were full, but alhamdulillah we got this single room at the waiting area with a sliding door – no in-room bathroom but we still got the room all to ourselves, and that’s good enough.



mak sleeps here. medcare hospital staff provided fluffy pillows and blankets. comfy enough for mak!



our *awesome* view. ooOoo. haha. the medcare hospital is only 2 storeys high, so this is as good as it gets ok. gile best orang yang stay belakang hospital. senang je kalau apa-apa hal.


* * *


at the time of writing, we had already gone to see dr. naggar for a follow-up, and he said that khaleef’s ear recovered as expected. the stitch healed well. through the microscope he could see NO MORE perforation, and khaleef is expected to be up and about and down and under in the water with no problem; for at least another 3 weeks just to be sure.



amirah said...

alhamdulillah syukur..good boy sgt..tak nmpk mcm risau atau takut pun

Syigim said...

>> amirah, alhamdulillah. brave boy abg long ni! :)

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