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Movie Review : Pee Mak, Saving Mr. Banks, American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club

syigim and her popcorns are reviewing thai’s high-grossing horror-comedy movie ‘pee mak’, walt disney and mary poppins in ‘saving mr. banks’, razzle dazzle of the 70’s america in ‘american hustle’, and homophobic turned HIV patient in ‘dallas buyers club’.

now pass me the soda please.


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thai movie ‘pee mak’ is highly recommended. don’t even read this review to convince yourself. just go find a way to watch this awesome movie. it’s the funniest horror movie I’ve seen in a long time. my sisters were reluctant to watch coz they don’t like to be scared by horror movies – you know what, even the scariest scene will make you laugh like mad; that’s how funny it is. I was literally laughing till my tummy hurts. this is serious comedy.

‘pee mak’ is based on the thai old legend about a dead loving wife pretending to live normally after her husband comes back from the war. there was an incredibly scary movie about it called ‘nang nak’ (you should watch that too. seriously scary) so at first I thought that ‘pee mak’ was just a silly spoof of that movie.

nope. calling it JUST a spoof would be an insult to the comedic genius of ‘pee mak’.

the script is hilarious, and the cast is just the best – dead funny, super talented with perfect comedic timing. tengok muka diorang je dah nak gelak. they’re called the ‘iconic gang of four’ who are always together in most of horror movies produced by GTH. noone is less funny than the other. semua sama lawak.

and the couple ‘mak’ and ‘nak’ are played by two gorgeous people from thailand. just love to see them together!

fan of horror movies, and comedy, and thai movies – ‘pee mak’ is NOT to be missed!



* * *



‘saving mr. banks’ is such an endearing movie. especially more for me who is a huge fan of tom hanks and emma thompson. it’s sweet, it’s amusing and heart-warming too. all you fans of the classic ‘mary poppins’ starring the lovely julie andrews and charming dick van dyke should watch!

‘saving mr. banks’ is essentially ‘the making of the movie mary poppins’. full stop. tells the story of how walt disney convinced the writer of mary poppins to give up the rights for him to make a movie about it.

before watching this movie I really didn’t know that 1) the classic musical ‘mary poppins’ is based on a book, and 2) that it was SO hard to get the rights to make that movie since the writer was so reluctant to let go of her beloved mary poppins and was being so difficult, and 3) that the somber, serious vision the writer has for the movie is totally different from the silly-funny whimsical end-result of the movie as we know it now!

tom hanks is as always, very versatile and charming in playing the role of walt disney with such ease. the talented emma thompson is fun to watch as the difficult writer; fussing over every little thing. I mean, who in their right mind would scoff at the idea of touring disneyland with walt disney himself!

throughout the movie I ask, if the writer was THIS difficult and opposing of every creative idea from the disney team (mary poppins is NOT a musical! NO cartoons! NO animation!), how on earth did walt disney manage to convince her at the end; resulting in that lovely musical classic ‘mary poppins’ as we know now?

a heartfelt revelation in a heartwarming movie – recommended for fans of the unforgettable mary poppins, and the wonderful magic of disney.



* * *



I don’t get ‘american hustle’. I just don’t get it. cakap melayu, tak paham apa!

I get the glitz and glamour of the 70’s america – with boot cut pants, low cut dresses, babes and boobs with big hair, loud coats – but the whole thing is just not believable to me. where is the heart? the clear-cut storyline?

two con-artists, living the american dream. got busted by an fbi agent. con artists forced to help fbi agent. target the mafias and unscrupulous politicians. still, I don’t get the story.

I’m writing this review because the gorgeous jennifer lawrence has won best supporting actress at the golden globe awards for her role as the dejected housewife. she’s beautiful, adorable, funny and her personality off-camera is fun too. she’s just the new hollywood darling.

christian bale (batman) is fantastic too I guess in this movie – with his huge beer belly and balding head – but not enough to take me away from not understanding the plotline of ‘american hustle’. haha. bradley cooper is so hot but so annoying in this. I’m done watching that guy.

‘american hustle’ won best movie (comedy or musical) too. please don’t let this movie win big at the oscars! that would be such an upset to me!

oh well. watch it if you want. I watched this because I love period movie. and jennifer lawrence.



* * *



the story of ‘dallas buyers club’ doesn’t attract me much. a story about a homophobic chauvinistic comboy who one day was told that he was HIV positive. he got hold of a drug/medicine that would help HIV patients but not available in hospitals. hence, he formed the ‘dallas buyers club’.

however, what attracts me most was the transformation of lead actor matthew mcconaughey from that buff, tanned, sexy shirtless ladies man that we often see in romantic movies; to this scrawny, sunken-faced, sickly pale unlikeable redneck. it’s amazing what passionate, talented actors do for a role. amazing!

his appearance was so believable, that southern speech and tone, and his unlikeable personality. and then we feel his frustration, his pain and agony. he took us there – he’s done the role justice. an excellent performance.

he deserved his win at the recent golden globes for best actor. and eventhough I would like tom hanks to win for captain phillips, and I hope it’s leornado d caprio’s year to finally win an oscar, but mcconaughey looks clear to be the one to beat.

jared leto as the cute transvestite is surprisingly quite endearing. this actor came out of nowhere and steals the audience with his honest and convincing portrayal. another well-deserving golden globe awards for best-supporting actor.

mr. khairul said it’s a tad boring and dragging. to me it may not be the best of movies, but macconaughey will make it worth your time.

“you only got one life. you want it to mean something.”


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