Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birthday & Farewell Picnic @ Safa Park With Perwakilan Dubai

weather was fantastic – not too hot, a little windy. the venue : safa park. great food, great company – hanging out with the perwakilan dubai gang!

‘perwakilan’ simply comprises of the consuls, directors, vice-consuls and officers of malaysian governmental agencies in dubai. and their wives. or husbands. and pets. if any. haha. adoi lama gile tak lepak dengan diorang. this gathering was held for a birthday : dilah’s daughter ain turns 7; and also a farewell for mazlan and fiza who will be moving on, serving the country in mumbai.


the men and ladies of perwakilan dubai


happy 7th birthday little ain!



the awesome picnic spread : steamed rice with sambal sotong & sambal kerang, KFC fried chicken, dominos pizza, fried meehon, pavlova, donuts, sebalang keropok ikan and many more tidbits! alhamdulillah! been awhile since I’ve had an outdoor picnic like this!



the kids swarming around the ‘my little pony’ cake for birthday girl ain. birthday girl’s mom dilah cutting the cake. comel kek dia.



my boys were more excited to see the paper plate. I’m pretty sure.


* * *



game time! with ‘chegu’ dilah! haha. this was run-and-then-pick-up-as-many-candy-as-you-can race!



ready – set – go!



a classic – lari bawak pingpong dalam sudu. kahfi concentrate gile tu. tapi macam gaya-gaya nak main tipu pun ade.



‘chegu’ dilah distributing the presents – win or lose, everyone gets one! dilah bought all the presents; and I like the fact that they’re all books – coloring books for the younger ones, and activity books for the older ones – and not just simple toys that get broken or they get bored with after a few days. good job!



my boys enjoying their well-earned presents


* * *



the guys getting goofy – and I think mazlan missed the memo semua kena pakai RED! haha. mungkin orang yg diraikan tak payah ikut color code kot.



the ladies had our moments too~ owh I looked too cute in that ridiculous party mask huh? huhu



proper group photos of us~



mr. khairul will be missing his biker buddy mazlan, fellow harley davidson-rider. good luck in mumbai, bro!




thanks for the awesome picnic, guys. the kids had fun running for candy, dads had fun munching delicious food, and mommies had fun gossiping. haha. winter has arrived in dubai – so time to plan more and more outdoor gatherings with FOOD!


dhr said...

hehe...selama ni i dok ingat PERWKiLAN tu Persatuan Wanita Kementerian Luar Negeri sebab ahli2ny para isteri sahaja.

Syigim said...

dhr, ade jgk para suami yg isterinya yg gomen kih kih

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