Friday, November 29, 2013

My Eldest Sis Yong in Dubai!

my most awaited guest was finally here – my eldest sis yong syimee. of all my 4 sisters, she’s the only one who hasn’t been to dubai, and that’s just wrong! haha especially since I’ve been living in dubai for the past 5 years already!

it was already exciting just planning all the activities I wanna do with them, the places I wanna take them to, and of course all the awesome makan places in dubai! from the burj to the beach; from the hot desert to cold desserts; from mandi rice at tawasol to our favorite chinese muslim restaurant at international city – down to the date and time; thanks to my mr. khairul. *big hug!*

she was here with her kiddos – haiqal, haqeem, nuna and adam. khaleef was most excited to see his abg haiqal and bff abg haqeem in town – I kept their visit as a surprise till the very last minute! he literally just dropped down on the floor. really.

yong and her kids was in dubai for just 10 days – but quality is what matters, not quantity! gonna make it a fantabulous 10-day vacation for yong and her kiddos!



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