Saturday, November 30, 2013

Yong in Dubai : Sweihan Desert & Lahbab Desert

a trip to an arab country is incomplete without a visit to the desert. gurun. padang pasir. the vast plain of nothing but sand. one huge sandpit for the kids. this is the ONE place that I can’t wait to show my nephews and niece. as expected, they went nuts rolling down the sand and running up the dunes.

mr. khairul drove us to two different deserts in another 2 emirates in the UAE : 1) sweihan desert in abu dhabi, on our way to al-ain zoo; and the weekend after to 2) lahbab desert in sharjah along the scenic road to kalba.


* * *


sweihan desert, abu dhabi




one of the most amazing, priceless experiences ever : to witness the outing of hundreds of camels. this was a one-in-a-mil experience for me too – in our 5 years here, we’ve never seen this many camels at one time! it was an incredible sight. there were SO MANY camels!






SO many pictures. SO little space. just yong and her kids enjoying their first experience at the desert.



on the way to al-ain zoo, mr. khairul found this amazing spot – a seemingly endless road leading straight into the waves of sandy desert. gorgeous. more than words can say.



of course we had our own moments haha. thanks my dear cookiedough for the road trip. I don’t need a ferrari. camel pun takpe lah as long as we’re together. hihi.


* * *


lahbab desert



the week after sweihan desert, we took my sis and her kiddos to another desert spot in UAE – the lahbab desert in sharjah. as you can see – the kiddos had the most fun.



yep, they *buried* khaleef. the sand was cold so it was really relaxing and cooling!



our designated driver just laze around with his ‘football manager’ ipad game and a picnic spread. I made egg sandwiches and yong fried some delicious cucur udang. nyam.



LOVE this shot. the vastness of the desert.



5 years here. in the middle east. alhamdulillah ala kulli hal!



it was cool, but it was also terik. my sis yong and her kiddos squinting to a picture.



they were amazed to see how easy it was to spot camels along the roads here in UAE. well, macam nampak kobau ngan lembu le kat malaysia! hihi. my nephews haiqal and haqeem braved it out to get a rare picture as close as they can alongside a camel by the roadside.



sebak pulak tengok gamba ni. the memories remain and never can end. the kiddos hated taking pictures haha especially the older ones (cepat la mama! mak I hate taking pictures!) but my sis and I kept telling them, that when they’re older, they would understand. they would appreciate what we were trying to do. to bottle memories, and to capture moments.


* * *


* special thanks to my mr. khairul for enduring these long drives and the good sense to find interesting spot to stop for pictures. you made my dream come true to bring my nephews and niece to the desert! *love*

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