Friday, November 15, 2013

My 1st Baby Boy Khaleef Turns 8ight

my eldest boy Khaleef Khairul turned 8 years old last 15th november. no hoopla party, no expensive toys, no extravagant celebration.

just us – khaleef baking a chocolate cake with mak, decorating it with his younger brothers, and then we ate together. perfect birthday.


birthday boy the future chef?


I spread the creamy chocolatey topping (made of melted chocolate bar, butter and milk), and then let them go nuts decorating the chocolate cake. turned out I only have white choc chips and loacker wafer biscuits with me so that’s all they used on the cake. the result – looks like a graveyard to me! haha the wafer biscuits are tombstones!


happy birthday my beloved baby boy Khaleef Khairul! cut the cake that we bake together!


I’ve had moments when ‘don’t make me a crazy mom!’ becomes the quote of the month; but overall you’ve been a helpful son, a fun brother and just a genuinely nice guy with a big heart.

you have great passion for football, science and history; and I enjoy listening to you talking about dinosaurs, or explaining things that you learned in school. your eyes will shine, your voice gets all high and I just let you sit on my lap while you tell the story – because at EIGHT years old and a big brother to TWO little boys, I need to remind myself all the time that YOU are still my first ever BABY.

mak and bapak love you always!


* * *


later that night we did go out for a birthday dinner. when asked ‘what do you wanna eat? anything, just say it. coz it’s your birthday.’ urm. mandi rice. MANDI RICE. memang anak mak yang mandi-rice-freak! love you even more!


amirah said...

he baked his very own birthday cake?! wow ohsemmm..hepi besday dear..

Syigim said...

amirah, konon2 la bake kek sendiri..padehal mak ade je kat sblah tu huhu

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