Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tasty Fried Liver @ Shaikh Al Mandi Restaurant

I’m not a fan of liver dishes. however, a trip to shaikh al mandi restaurant in barsha proves that you might end up with a delicious liver dish that you would actually like!




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we have our favorite mandi restaurant of course, but sometimes mr. khairul and I feel like trying out new mandi places – so we ended up at ‘shaikh al mandi restaurant’ in al barsha, near holiday inn.




from the meny, you can see the variety of dishes here – not JUST few types of rice. there’s the usual mandi and madfoon chicken. there’s also meat nashif, and mugalgal, and many more! this includes the liver dish that we decided to try.



this was what we tried – the ‘kibdah’ – simply liver fried with chili, cut up tomatoes and capsicum. surprisingly SO good, especially coming from someone who does not fancy liver. it’s spicy, but the sweet sour taste of the tomatoes give it a sweet edge. the texture of the liver is also tender and juicy. I would definitely order this again.



the ‘kibdah’ is served together with the ‘malawah’, yemeni fried bread




thank goodness the liver dish was super delicious, because their mandi rice is not. as a mandi-rice freak who has tried countless of mandi rice across dubai, I can say for certain that this is one of the not-so-sedap ones. the chicken was tawar, so I had to sip the soup everytime I take a mouthful so that it would taste better. the rice was soft and tasty, and the texture of the chicken is as good as any, but lacks that salty kick.



the saviour of the day – tasty hot soup



simple plate of salad, but I love that it includes my favorite jerjer leaves. some restaurants offer only plates of cucumber and carrots.




this is the ‘family’ section – like any mandi restaurant would have. it looks like rows of changing rooms because of the curtains, but looking inside, it has a cosy feel, not just the majlees (where you sit cross-legged on a carpeted room, but also the ‘rooms’ with tables and chairs.




kahfi getting comfy



khaleef in one of the ‘family rooms’ with seats. really cozy. I love that it’s compact – parents can just ‘trap’ young kids at the corner of the table and they won’t be able to run around and wreck havoc! haha





overall, I’m pretty disappointed with the mandi chicken, but I would come again just to have a taste of the delicious ‘kibdah’ and ‘malawah’ once again.


Ninu said...

yum. the liver dish s calling my name =) Long time readers of your blog , me and my sister. Love the way you write and your reviews! =) Have you tried the haneed at maraheb? Its my favourite yet! they also have something called saltah fahshah ( hope i got spelling right! ) Its a combination of a big tear and share bread roti thingie with shredded meat curry! everyone who i ve introduced it to has loved it =)

Syigim said...

hi ninu, thanks for dropping a comment. i really appreciate what you wrote. yes, maraheb is one of our fav mandi rice place! simply because of the hanith! yes, tried saltah fashah too...basically love these arabic dishes. i'm addicted!

hope you drop ur comments again soon :)

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