Sunday, February 17, 2013

Welcome Sis! From Malaysia to Cairo & Dubai Stopover

it’s always nice when families come over. we can make them take care of the boys while mr. khairul and I go on our rare date nights and movies! haha.

my sister-in-law was here a couple of moons back. she was back in malaysia for a short break in feb and stopped by dubai on her way back to cairo (she is studying dentistry there). her *ehem* other half syafawi also tagged along from cairo for his first-time experiencing dubai.

welcome, kids!


abang long and adik kecik. both bike-enthusiasts.


* * *


where did we take them?

my sis-in-law teh was practically dubai-an haha having been to dubai every year, since our first year here – she was here for 2 months during the arab spring in egypt – so, very seasoned already lah! but this was pawi’s first time in dubai, so it was all about taking him sight-seeing around dubai, since he was very helpful when mr. khairul was in cairo for an exhibition last time.

took them makan-makan and the usually tourist spots – palm jumeirah, atlantis, burj arab bla bla bla.


complete family photo at thai restaurant ‘papa junior’ at international city – a popular place for malaysians yang rindu makan tomyam and goreng-goreng kat malaysia! (click here for my review of papa junior thai restaurant)



we took them makan-makan at our new favorite eating haunt – afghan khorasan kebab with the most delicious arab bread ever! (click here for my review of ‘afghan khorasan restaurant’) and who’s that in pink tudung? I’ll save that for another posting ya!



..and we went to dubai global village – an annual event not to be missed when you’re in dubai during winter!


* * *


…and of course, while she’s here, hanging out with big brother on his harley is a must! one day she wants to own a superbike herself!


* * *


thanks for meriahkan the house, melayan your naughty noisy nephews, thanks masakkan the surprisingly super delicious mee kuah and spaghetti, thanks bawakkan homemade kaya, precious keropok ikan and such from malaysia; and thanks for giving your bro and me the chance to have our ultra-rare date night. come again soon!

..oh, and because of you, i still can’t get that theme song from ‘hotel transylvania’ out of my head!!!


amirah said...

cantiknyaaaa motor husband akak! wow...

mesti seronok anak2 akak sebab makcik dia datang sekali sekala mcm ni

Syigim said...

amirah, thanks :) mmg budak2 ni yg plg seronok bila makcik dia dtg sbb dia rajin melayan ;)

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