Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pictures With Stranded Ship in Ajman Shores

it’s not a port for ships to dock. it’s not the marina. it’s just a public beach. and yet one day the folks at ajman were surprised with a sudden arrival of a huge cargo ship on its seashore.



just a big old ship right smack by the side of the beach for all to see up close. my boys were much more interested with the sea and the sand rather than the big ship!



sea blue~


what do you do when you hear that there’s a huge ship stranded at a beach near you? bring your kids to take a closer look! and take some pictures while you’re at it!

a cargo beach was washed ashore at ajman beach (ajman is one of uae’s 7 emirates, other than abu dhabi, dubai bla bla) after a bad weather at sea. it’s got no business stranded there, and was in such a bad condition to be at sea again, that the only way was to break it down to scrap.

‘The Sea Blue was sailing from Al Hamriya in Dubai to visit a number of African countries when it ran into bad weather on Tuesday morning.

According to the ship's owner, who preferred not to be named, the engines cut out and despite the efforts of the crew to restart them, the vessel was washed on to the shore near to Ajman Corniche.’

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these rusty walls have seen it all. if it could speak, it would tell you tall tales of its underwater adventures, and its aqua escapades – slicing the water as it moves. what mysterious creatures have swam beside it? what curious crustaceans have rub its tentacles against the sides?



here it lies, for ajman folks to enjoy, the sight of a huge cargo ship that once was. after this it will be broken apart piece by piece…


Fairus Basir said...

besarnya kapal kat tepi pantai.. lama x update?

Syigim said...

fairus dear, yes it was quite a sight! seronok the boys!

thanks for noticing hihi. i dont know where my writing-mojo went lah hahaha mmg dah sebulan x update - record breakinG!

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