Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Classmate & His Dormmate : Put & Moqq is in Dubai!

my mgs classmate bff putri and mr. khairul’s mckk dormmate mohsein aka moqq were in town for jalan-jalan dubai! put came in mid february, and a week after she left, moqq arrived with his wife milla & kid amin.


me & bff putri, picking her up at the airport



mr. khairul in orange with old mckk buddy mohsein in front of the dubai international airport


it was a hectic, fun week playing the tourist guide to our old pals from school, but it’s our pleasure hosting you guys! with put, I had a blast having girl-talk all day, all night as she was here for a good 5-day stretch. with moqq, it gives mr. khairul a chance to act like silly schoolboys with a few pranks up his sleeve.

for full story, watch this space!

come back soon, put & moqq!


amirah said...

syoknya ada tetamu jauh camni ... ada la aktiviti sama2 nanti

Syigim said...

amirah, mmg best bila ade tetamu dr msia bole bwk jln2 n merasa kehidupan kita kat dubai ni :)

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