Monday, February 25, 2013

Beautiful Nan Bread @ Ravi, Satwa

my bff putri was in dubai mid feb. once landed on dubai sandy soil, we straightaway took her makan. tak lapar? jom la makan sikit. supper. isi perut.

yeah, right. with us, nothing is ‘makan sikit’. hihi.

it was way past midnight, so we took her to ravi restaurant in satwa (one of the makan places in dubai which is still open after hours), and got her the most beautiful looking nan-bread I’ve ever seen! and eaten!



one of the best nan bread you will ever eat. thick and fluffy. crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. and the pattern on the nan bread that amazed me the most! mr khairul said it resembles a bee-hive columns! cantik siot! SO delicious!



aunty put with kahfi. happy to finally reach dubai, and super tired right from the 7-hour flight from malaysia. kena paksa makan besa pulak tu. haha.


we sat outside on the pavement, soaking in all the hustle and bustle of late-night dubai. the weather was fantastic – cooling and windy, just nice for an outdoor makan-makan. potted plants lined the curb so no worries of your kids trailing out on the open road.



we got the chicken curry – as delicious as any chicken curry should be! SO yummy to accompany that gorgeous bee-hive nan bread!



apart from the chicken curry, we also ordered this ‘lamb keema’. ‘keema’ dish is simply curry but using minced meat. and it’s not exactly dry, but there’s not much gravy. this one is so delicious, I absolutely LOVE it with the nan bread!



ravi restaurant offers cheap, super delicious pakistani and indian dishes. it opens way into the night, making it one of the more popular makan places around satwa and bur dubai. sedap, murah dan banyak. jarang nak dapat kat dubai wo. (image : google)


Fairus Basir said...

hey, I know Ravi Restaurant used to eat there A LOT! when i am pregnant with Falisha.. luckily x rupa PAkistan.. the food is good and cheap.

Yong Is My Name said...

kena geladah kat sini cari nan bread cam gini..

Syigim said...

>> fairus, this is only my 2nd time at ravi's sbb too far from marina kan. but the food is good!

>> yong is my name, tu la bila i baca blk posting ni pun teringin balik nk makan! haha

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