Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Raining Camels & Cats in Dubai

as november moves out to give way to december, it rained in dubai last weekend, after many-many months. and that’s really rare around here. it rained all through morning, and it was pretty cool and mendung for the rest of the day. it was really calming.



flooded dubai!


it rained so much that some parts of dubai is flooded – as it’s notoriously known that there’s no affective drainage system in dubai, since it doesn’t rain much here.

a friend of mr. khairul had his apartment flooded ankle-deep, and his unit is in the 3rd floor! how is that even possible? bad plumbing sistem? leaking? dubai is just not well-prepared against the element of rain!

no matter – I will just say ALHAMDULILLAH for this blessing – hujan itu rahmat – and just rejoice and enjoy the cool weather that we’re currently having!




my boys were super excited to see the wet roads (after the rain had stopped for awhile, before it rained again a few hours after that). sigh, this is what I get living in the padang pasir! haha.

but I see it in a positive light – my boys appreciate the rain so much, and this helps them appreciate the little thing that we malaysians may take for granted, or even complained about (you know, “alaaaa hujan lagi! tak boleh buat itu ini!”)

how much do they REALLY appreciate rainy days? mr. khairul took us around the neighbourhood in the car after the rain stopped – to nowhere – but just to look for PUDDLES! he would drive across the biggest, deepest puddle we can spot, and just drove through it so fast purposely make a huge splash. (no passerby was wet in the making of this activity ok haha) the boys enjoyed this SO MUCH – laughing and just enjoying the view of the splashing water.

so simple lah to make them happy kan? hihi. my eldest boy khaleef even called it ‘an adventure’ to spot for puddles, and to go through it, like he was in a jungle expedition or something.

imagination is really the one TOY that does not cost anything, and something we can never take away from the kids.




* * *


the climate in dubai is mostly warm and sunny, and it’s scorching hot during the summer which starts around june up to august. come november, days get cooler with more wind which is the start of winter that goes on till march. I would say that december and january are the best times to visit dubai as the weather is excellent, and the awesome DSF (dubai sales festival) usually starts around january.

I’m fine if it rains again soon. drip drip drip!

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dhr said...

So true..I sampai sekarang excited bila hujan turun. Sudan samalah macam Dubai hujan setahun sekali ;p ikut hati rasa nak main mandi hujan macam kecik-kecik dulu.

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