Sunday, December 30, 2012

Azi & Faiz : Pretty Purple Reception

after the nikah on 20.12.2012, came the makan kenduri or reception, held at the same place where my other sis syida had her peachy peach reception last april. it was purple, purple and purple and so beautiful!
what a historical day that the last daughter of haji sharifuddin is finally married off!

newlyweds : faiz & azi, may they be in love for always!

the totally cute cake-topper on the purple wedding cake, surrounded by little cupcakes. super adorable! perhaps azi didn’t know this but later that day, kazim pulled out the groom’s arm, and haiqal managed to stick it back. haha.

the bride, sisters and the big guy Abah.

there was an apparent sense of relief in abah’s face during the reception. no helter skelter to attend to the crowd; abah seemed more relaxed and at ease. perhaps abah was thinking about how he has now passed on the responsibility of caring for his daughters to 5 deserving men. perhaps he was just basking on the joy of hosting the final kenduri kawin for his 5 daughters. perhaps he was just happy, a tired, contented smile on his face. perhaps.

no worries abah, your girls are in good hands!

abah’s NINE grandkids, minus one waiting at home – born 12.12.12. from left haqeem, khaleef, adam, kahfi, kazim, haiqal, ica, nuna & cuya. miqail syafi is the new member of the cucu-atok-podin club!

as usual, the MCs for the event : my bro-in-law abg mat and my eldest sis yong syimee handling it like a pro. it was just another job well done for them!

awesome cute button-badges for Abah, Umi, Bride, Groom, and four for Kakak-Kakak. worn with pride!

my in-laws came too, and stayed till the end hanging out with their grandkids, with my sis-in-law tina obligingly rendered a couple of siti nurhaliza songs for the crowd. great voice! however, this only reminded me that my mr. khairul was mising; out there somewhere in dubai at the time. sob sob. miss him so much especially during such a romantic occasion where we celebrate LOVE!

sisters : me, yong, syimot & syida. our youngest sis azi the bride was heading to kellie’s castle at the time for her post-wedding photoshoot

my sister syimot managed to reach ipoh in the morning of the reception, but was not able to join us at the banquet hall since she’s still in the early stage of confinement. well, we were more than happy that she’s there at abah’s house. once back home, us sisters and cousins and aunts took tons of pictures with her, making her no less part of this happy occasion!

* * *

ok semua dah kawen ni – what’s next? kenduri kawen of our first nephew haiqal kot! haha.

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amirah said...

husband kak syigim x dpt congrats to the newlyweds..purplelicious! cantek..purple my forever fav color

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