Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ijab Kabul Azi & Faiz : Puteri Bongsu is Married

that’s it. selesai sempurna alhamdulillah.

as of 20.12.2012, all FIVE abah’s daughters are married off. my youngest sister azi chose to spend her lifetime with a mr faiz who, incidentally lives right in our neigbourhood – that my bro-in-law made this joke while MC-ing during the reception, something like – jerit kat pintu belakang pun boleh dengar. huhu. memang dah jodoh!

faiz, azi’s husband joined abg mat, mr. khairul, din, and nash to complete the wonderful league of haji sharifuddin’s sons-in-law. welcome, brother!


the blushing bride : my youngest sis azot. congrats si comot! by the way, fun fact # : the magnificent bridal bouquet of white and yellow flowers is hand-made by my aunt cik, with my help! hihi.


sisters : from left yong, azot, me and syida. we’re missing one sis, syima who was still in confinement during the nikah day. she delivered a baby boy on 12.12.12 so she couldn’t make it on that day, but finally arrived in ipoh on the eve of the reception. yay!


alhamdulillah faiz is azi’s husband in one lafaz. fun fact #2 : the imam who performed the nikah is the SAME imam who performed the nikah for ALL five abah’s girls. yup. and at the very same mosque. with the very same witnesses.


one of my aunts said that this was THE nikah that she felt really sebak – she had been our ‘mother’ after mak passed away, cooking her nieces’ favorite food and meeting potential husbands hihi – so she felt a blissful sense of relief, now that all her late sister’s daughters are married, she knows that they’re all now taken care off.

ye mak tak payah risau dah. dah ade orang jaga anak-anak mak. *sniff*


rejoice! family photo is a must! abah, umi, the pengantin baru and sisters. would be perfect with my sis syimot, but a happy happy occasion nonetheless!


my sis azi with her bff – the dayangs for the day. they bought cute matching outfits just for the occasion and was very helpful in the prep for the wedding. personally i would just like to thank them for keeping my boys company haha aunty bell playing badminton with khaleef, and the girls hangin out with kahfi before bedtime. thanks, girls!


* * *


to azi and faiz, ENJOY!

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amirah said...

selamat pengantin baru..moga berbahagia ke akhir hayat

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