Monday, December 10, 2012

Delicious ‘Student Biryani’ is Cheap?

is it called ‘Student Biryani’ because it’s made to cater for student-budget? well, I found out that the food at this pakistan restaurant may NOT the cheapest biryani that I’ve found but it’s still comparatively cheap, especially when you see the HUGE servings in one plate of biryani!

(the cheapest biryani I’ve ever eaten in dubai is in LIYARI (also a pakistani biryani restaurant) – which is incidentally dubbed the BEST biryani in dubai! click here for my review)

we came here unplanned actually – we were around deira area to get new spectacles for khaleef, and while waiting for it to be fixed, we hung out here and decided to have a light dinner.

LIGHT, huh? haha.



‘student biryani’ established in 1969? must be GOOD to last that long!


there’s an open counter at the front, just like in a fast food restaurant like McD or KFC. and you know what – it’s because they DO have food like KFC!



other than delicious biryani, they also have ‘set meal’ like in KFC – with pieces of chicken, fries, coleslaw, soda and a bun. there are also set meal that comes with a plate of biryani with the biryani chicken as well as the crunchy fried chicken. you can mix and match!

and eating biryani rice with crunchy chicken like KFC is actually very satisfying!




the restaurant itself is very simple, looks like any other decent indian or pakistani restaurants in dubai. and SO unlike fast-food restaurant like burger king or KFC! haha. it’s clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful.


* * *



…and this is the plate of biryani that we got. see what I mean by HUGE serving? it’s a mountain of rice, brimming on the edge of the plate. the juicy beads of rice look mighty delicious even before the first bite.

yes, the biryani lives up to its first impression – the rice is deliciously soft and yummy, and the chicken is tender and not too spicy. I like this kind of biryani – not too much spices, yet the taste is still rich and strong. I will be back!



can’t see how big the serving is? here is a comparison with khaleef. I’m telling ya, you can share this plate of biryani – unless you’re really really hungry!



this may not be the best angle for the crunchy chicken, but the chicken is nice and crunchy, a really good lauk to eat with the biryani, if you want a change from the usual biryani chicken curry.



they also deliver!




this one that I went to was in deira, but there are many other branches around dubai. the biryani is reasonably cheap, with big portion, and delicious too. try it!

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Yong Is My Name said...

Hi Syigim,

macam2 kaedah nama beriani kat dubai.
tapi sedap macam mana pun beriani arab, teringat beriani gam kan?.. ermmm...

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