Saturday, February 25, 2012

Worst Sandstorm in Dubai in Years

dubai sandstorm attacked my kitchen this morning.

waking up, i was greeted with SAND in kitchen. the washed plates left to dry by my sink is dusty, the jam jars on the kitchen counter is dusty, the tikar felt really dusty under my feet, and you could really see small particles of sand everywhere, it's scary.

i definitely have to wipe, wash, clean everything from scratch. but not before i draw smiley faces on everything!

looking out the window, the sight was scarier - the sky painted dirty grey with sand and dust that i could hardly even see the building closest to mine. low visibility out there for those driving out - careful! even without opening the window i could hear the wailings of the winds, and it's really loud. i could see trees swaying fiercely against the wind.

sand and wind - not a good combo. sand was in my eyes as i stepped out to send khaleef to his school bus this morning. also, i could see sand on the outside floor - desert sand literally piling on the floor. cars are also covered with a thick coat of dust.

a friend of mine didn't send her kids to school this morning because of the sandstorm, as her kids had just recovered from fever - and i was thinking of khaleef too after he had gotten on the bus.

may Allah protect him from harm!

a friend of mine wrote in his facebook status, that this day "...reminds him that we are living in the desert," and another one calling it a 'sandday' instead of sunday! having desert sand in my coffee mugs and window panes of my living room - we ARE in the desert!

the sandstorm has been making its comeback in the UAE around this time of the year with the change of weather. last week, the dubai global village even closed its doors due to worsening weather.

at the time of writing - 12.30pm - the wind still hasn't subsided from morning, blowing ever strongly the sand and dust of ages right up to our homes. visibility seemed improved, though i can vaguely see the buildings on the far back.

with sand blowing right into my eyes, strong winds, my kitchen all dusty, dark skies and desert sand on the floor beneath my feet - it was by far the worst sandstorm i've experienced of my 3+ years here in dubai.

school-going kiddos, those out and about - be safe! click here to read more about today's sandstorm in gulfnews. aku nak kena lap-lap barang-barang dapur ni...


Affieza said...

Hope everything will be ok soon...

dhr said...

Same here yesterday seharian. Tapi pagi ni alhamdulillah dah clear. Nasib baik landlord baru tukarkan semua tingkap rumah ni before kami balik Malaysia last month. Kurang la kerja nak mengemop. Take care, Syigim.

arin said...

how's khaleef?balik dari school?tak batuk2 ke dia?

joyahsport said...

huu...alya sampai xbleh tido smalam...takot bunyi angin kat luar...dasat sangat..huhu..

Nadiah Sidek said...

sekolah tak tutup ye walaupun sandstorm agak teruk?

amirah said...

kalau camtu sekolah tak tutup ke kak? agak2 memang banyak la yg masuk dlm mata ek

Syigim said...

>> affieza, alhamdulillah the next day tu terus langit cerah :) harap xde lg ribut pasir mcm ni!

>> dhr, hari tu seharian mengemop n lap2 basuh2 satu dapur!

Syigim said...

>> kak arin, alhamdulillah khaleef ok. dia ade PE tp buat indoors sbb sandstorm tu. nasib x batuk2

>> ju, pagi tu angin still kuat kan!

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, amirah, mmg ade school kat dubai yg tutup sbb sandstorm ni, tp skolah khaleef jalan je. xpe lah. dah smpai skolah diorang pun duk dlm kelas je xklua2 so xpe. cuma masa turun naik bas je :)

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