Saturday, February 4, 2012

Walk along Marina Walk in Dubai Winter

dubai marina is a nice hang out.

there’s dubai marina mall. there’s ‘the walk’ JBR with its endless list of cafes and restaurants, pizza places and boutiques, supermarkets too, and medcare just opened – you dine, you drink, you lepak and right opposite, the beach.


the marina walk – the lit-up cafes and restaurants along the marina


and then there’s ‘marina walk’ – which is basically a string of cafes and restaurants set along the man-made marina, with the view of the skyscrapers that mushroomed all around, the expensive yachts docking at the marina, and the occasional tourist boats passing by.

last weekend, we decided to hang out at the marina walk. we walked from our place across the walk JBR – from amwaj to murjan, cross the road, cross the bridge using the pedestrian path-way and arrive to the sights and sounds of dubai metropolitan. and it’s a LONG walk!



did i mention it was a LONG walk?

but walking in the cool dubai weather, under the beautiful moon-lit sky, with the excited shrills of the boys embracing the freedom the night brings, in the arms of my man – it was a wonderful way to spend the evening. the sight of skyscrapers light-up in little dots like the buildings in manhattan, new york just gives it an extra class.

the best thing about our ‘adventure’ on foot is finding out how pedestrian-friendly dubai marina really is – you can really walk along the marina without worrying about traffic or your kids running out into the street – it simply IS a walkway made for walking, all along the marina.



like i mentioned, there are plenty of choices to dine in – from exotic moroccan restaurant to chinese cuisines to your usual nando’s and subway sandwiches. we didn’t want anything too fine-diney, so we opted for nando’s. lagipun dah lama gile tak makan nando’s!



* * *


dining amidst the view of the mushrooming skyscrapers, the calm waters of the marina, with the occasional passing of the beautifully lit-up boats carrying tourists enjoying a belly dancing or shisha.


* * *


had my favorite lemon and herb 1/3 chicken – must be drumstick! with side dishes of fries and coleslaw. i love the coleslaw! but the ayam so kering right? takpe lah, alhamdulillah, rezeki!



* * *


thinking of doing this again real soon, while it’s still cool in dubai. it was really, really cold when we walk that day, coupled with the cool breeze and the chill of the night. how wonderful to dress up in snugly sweaters, wrap shawls and put on winter caps for a stroll. that’s winter in dubai!

…which i hope will last for at least another 2 weeks…


amirah said...

best nya walk ni..cantek dan bersih je

transformed housewife said...

nice views. If we were there, we would do the same thing!

Affieza said...

Even a long walk, I don't think you feel tired bcoz you walk through the nice view and enjoy the walk all the way...

Liz Rohaizat said...

dengan orang tersayang, lagi la tak terasa penat berjalan :)

Syigim said...

>> amirah, mmg bersih & kemas. luas pulak tu, selesa nak berjln esp dgn anak2 kecik :)

>> kak nur, mmg healthy lifestyle kalau selalu jln2 kaki mcm ni, esp with the nice weather! :)

Syigim said...

>> affieza, true! the view was so nice, n weather was cool - mmg tak rasa jauhnya.. :)

>> liz, exactly! jln2 sambil sembang2 mmg best. berpegang2 n berswing2 tgn lagi tu lagi ;a best haha :)

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