Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ayam Penyet Dubai : My First Attempt

the name ‘ayam penyet’ has always amused me, because the literal translation would be ‘smashed chicken’, or ‘flattened chicken’. whatever it is exactly, it’s a very popular chicken dish originating from indonesia. it’s usually eaten with hot steamed rice, soup and sambal – a spicy condiment made from chilli.

the other day i had actually tried to cook ayam penyet myself! teringin pulak! now, this trying-out-recipe is a big deal for me because i’m not THAT good a cook. i try, and just pray everything turns out alright!



a few things turned out wrong – i used tepung gandum instead of tepung beras (i didn’t have tepung beras) and the supposedly powdery-textured serdak on the chicken is supposed to be so halus, but mine turned out so big – but still crunchy! hihi.

also, some recipes stated that the rice is cooked like chicken rice, but i simply used plain steamed white rice instead. it went together just as perfect!



i found the ayam penyet recipe on the net, but forgive me i forgot the link. i apologize if tuan punya recognizes her/his recipe, and i thank you for sharing this so that someone in dubai was able to try out a new dish, and eat yummy indonesian dish in a foreign land. thanks!


to make the ayam penyet itself, blend or tumbuk these ingredients to marinate the chicken later :

  • biji ketumbar
  • jintan kasar
  • jintan halus (i only have something labeled 'jintan manis' so i used that instead – campak je lah! hihi)
  • lada putih
  • serbuk kari
  • serbuk kunyit
  • bawang besa
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • sikit kiub ayam

marinate the chicken with the blended stuff, and set aside for a few hours before you plan to fry them. when you wanna fry the ayam, salut dengan tepung beras first (i forgot, but it turned out ok. also, i didn't have tepung beras anyway! if ade maybe ayam lagi rangup! hihi)


one of the yumness of ayam penyet is the serdak yang tabur atas ayam tu. how to make the serdak, and make it crunchy and small? first, mix these ingredients :

  • sebiiji egg
  • water
  • tepung beras (but again, i dont have tepung beras so i used tepung gandum, sedap je rasanye tapi guna tepung beras lebih sedap dan authentic kot hihi)
  • campur jugak rempah perap ayam tadi yg mula-mula tadi
  • garam

make sure tak cair sangat :

  • panaskan minyak banyak
  • tebarkan bancuhan tu dlm pan
  • cepat-cepat terus kacau to get the serdak-serdak jadi halus-halus (in my case tak jadi lansung halus-halus – tapi jadi gedabak! haha. tapi nasib baik crunchy!)
  • biar sampai rangup
  • angkat dan toskan



perfect to be eaten with sambal and hot chicken soup!

make the soup as you usually makes – tumis a blend of bawang merah, garlic and ginger; add chicken, water and chicken cube or sup bunjutsiap! sambal pulak, just make it whatever you like – tumbuk a lot of cili padi, or less. more red chilli or more bawang – in my case, i love tomatoes with my sambal so i cut-up tomatoes in little cubes to put in my sambal.

nasi pulak, some recipe buat nasi macam nasi ayam, but i prefer to eat my ayam penyet with simple hot steamed rice. yum.

i was glad it turned out delicious eventhough i didn’t put some ingredients or use different ones. most importantly, mr. khairul loved it too! mission accomplished!

selamat mencuba!

(click here to read my first experience eating ayam penyet at ayam penyet ria in sunway pyramid.)


Sparkly Sharky said...

Congrats! Memang rajin betul u ni and nampak menjadi betul your ayam penyet.

amirah said...

cayalah kak..!!

Iryani Noor said...

wahh wahhh...
looks yummehh..
nak try jugak la...

Nadiah Sidek said...

nanti nak cuba buat ayam penyet juga la. tak pernah rasa pun tapi biasa dengar :D

Syigim said...

>> sparkly sharky, thanks dear! tiba2 rajin ;) alhamdulillah, jadilah tu if only to be eaten in a foreign land ;)

>> amirah, thanks! yay! :D

Syigim said...

>> iryani noor, it IS yummeh!!! try tau! ;)

>> nadiah, sedap n mcm senang je nk buat kalau dah ade bahan semua cukup. kita pun baru sekali dua je makan :)

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